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Beliebers are starting to fight

Twitter was crazy last night with Beliebers vs Beliebers.

I understand both sides but for those that don’t understand why some of us seem to have such a problem with what’s going on then read this article:

Justin Bieber: I would never delete my Twitter account

Justin Bieber has insisted that he has no plans to delete his Twitter account – because he likes using it to control gossip about him.

The U Smile singer went on the social networking website today to dispel the rumours that he was going to get rid of his account.

He tweeted: ‘Woke up to today’s rumour that I was going to delete my Twitter [account]. Nope. Never that. Where did that [rumour] even come from? I love talking to you all here.

‘Thanks to Twitter, rumours can’t run wild. We talk directly. We know what it is. People can say what they want, but me and my fans have a bond.’

Meanwhile, Disney star Selena Gomez has recently received a string of death threats, after she was pictured kissing the teenage pop star while holidaying on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, according to reports.

Bieber’s fans have reportedly posted several hostile messages to the 18-year-old actress-singer on Twitter.


This is a perfect example of why I have a problem with them not admitting to their relationship.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Justin (and Scooter) have always communicated straight to the fans. Whether to dispel rumors or to let us know what he is up to today, Bieber and Beliebers have a connection like no other. We have supported him this way from the very beginning and most of us feel we have a part in his huge success.

So now that there is his “big Selena rumor”, why does Justin now choose to be quiet instead of dealing directly with this fans through Twitter. Is there no longer a bond?

And don’t say “he should keep his private life private”. You can’t all of a sudden expect privacy and choose to be quiet especially if you choose to date someone so public.

justinbieber selenagomez dating

All you have to do is say you’re dating Selena Gomez and then we can all move on. Ignoring us fans when we want, need, and expect an answer straight from you most is just wrong.

Do you agree?

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  • keren

    you guys should leave JUSTIN BIEBER alone its his life he dates who ever he wants and if he wants to date SELENA GOMEZ just keave him


    • no you shutup what if we dont wanna leave him alone let all JB fans be k we love him THEN LEAVE US ALONE KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOU UGLY ONE THAT IS WHY YOU DONT LIKE HIM

      • Anonymous

        i know ur ugly so shutup.

      • Anonymous

        hahahahaha its so funny how you guys get so irritated by a teenage boy dating someone..i suggest you get a boyfriend for yourself first lol

    • Anonymous

      justin u suck i think selena should be by her self she’s better with out u.did u know that because ur ugly too.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, boy calm down. I know Justin bieber’s a user, but, it doesn’t mean you have to act like one

    • Anonymous

      Omg Justin I love you soo much I’m your biggest fan

      • Katie

        hehe lol i’m with ya sister 😛 love ya JB and i am going to support you and who ever you date if that’s what makes you happy 🙂

      • Anonymous

        justin bieber is cute and yes as beliebers we should support him in whatever realtionship he well be in

    • Anonymous

      i agree his life is scary he love you guys but he wants some privacy L.O.L if you like me let him be happy dont be that usesd with him aaghhhhhhghhhhh but i love himmmmmmmmm and im number 1fan i sore him in real life but i was acting like a friend i no him i know he number i know his skype name i know his twitter i dont tell no one do because if anyone new his number that what be private then L.O.L i don’t even you them thing i dont need him to like me like a fani want him to like me as i am in side and like a friend if he dosent what you to fllow him dont that not nice how will you feel if that happend to you ? exactly i love you JB


    • Anonymous

      leave justin alone he really likes selena and if so then just let him be happy that is what a true beliber is

    • Anonymous

      She’s right. I don’t trust either of them, but, hey. They’re breaking up soon, so chill out!

  • karol daniela

    ahah el es muy lindo papazito Love Love You

  • i love Justin Bieber he is so cute everybody that loves JB get a life he is mine all mine i also have his number hahahah LMFAO HE IS ALL MINE STOP TRYING THAT HE IS YOURS BUT GUES WHAT HE IS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MrsB

      Dream On!

    • Hi im jenifer and can u give me his nummber please u will be my best best best best friend please right back!!!


      i know his number but soz i wont tell you his life is private and he dosent go out with selena g anymore he has a new gf so shhhhhh not being rude


  • you guys shuud rilly shut up because justin is inlove with her sooooooooooo leave them olone but selena putt jbs head on her boobs and i have prove its in my friend halynns magizzeen so fans of jb get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      only coz you dont have one

  • oh and selena made jb go nakid in frunt of her.

    • Anonymous

      Hey it’s Justins mom all u girls should stop before I come have the police come arrest all if y’all

      • L.O.L JB PRIVATE

        ehehehe i quess that jbs mum but dw i dont believe but maybe someone else does

      • L.O.L JB PRIVATE

        ehehehe i quess that jbs mum but dw i dont believe but maybe someone else does

  • Anonymous

    if selena is going out with justin then she sucks too.

  • ok i think selenas pretty cool. i love her show wizards of waverly place. why do you hate justin anonymous. and why do you hate selena.

  • Loll56

    All of you Justin Bieber fans that now hate Selena , you are all very immature!!!! If you were really his fans you would be happy for him & not hating Selena!! And I am pretty sure he would not date fans if they were always jelous!!!

    • MrsB

      Shut Up!

      • L.O.L JB PRIVATE

        i agree im happy for him too but im also his fan :*

  • kimberly

    hey guys i love justin and HATE selena gomez but think about it don’t you think it’s strange how she always goes out with the most famous guys like first nick jonas, then taylor launter now justin bieber. obvisiously she’s using him for fame like all the others he should consider someone more nicer and someone who really loves him.

    • Anonymous

      i agree

  • I never thought about that. He should tell us rather than show us..it hurts.
    (NO HATE)

  • kimberly

    i don’t hate anyone but i do dislike people and i dislike Selena Gomez ALOT! she is using him she doesnt deserve him

    • Anonymous

      yes that is true he is myne


      i agree but selena might allways love him you dont know buttttttt famous people lie (NOT JB)

  • Julia

    he’s just a damn human being, and so is selena. people are making too huge of a deal by the fact that they’re dating. just leave them alone, they have enough shit to deal with anyways.

    • I no right just leave them alone!!!

  • Well i think that selena is the best ……………….AND to all you bitches i think they look lovely together……….So f-ck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimberly

    OMFG!!! ppl i now HATE selena gomez. since zac efron is like really popular now she is dumping justin for him. i knew it i told u all she’s just using him.

  • Christina

    I know i’m gonna get some crazy fan here telling me to shutup or whatever but in my opinion, it’s his life not yours, he has every right to date who he wants and he oviously can’t date all his fans. Also why hate on Selena for dating him anyways? I’ts her and his choice who they wanna date, and if their both happy then the fans should try and be to, cause the threatening and crap is seriously getting old and pathetic pretty fast, so basically my main point is that, if hes happy staying with her than the fans should be happy for him, and not hating on her for dating him, i mean if you guys are his true fans…you should be happy for him.

  • kimberly

    SHUT UP CHRISTINA! obvisously u dont no wat is happening and yes he can date his fans everyone is happier wen he dates one of is fans cuz she wuld be just like us so if u hate justin SHUT THE F-CK UP! and get lost!
    BTW i dont wanna be mean but it’s true
    we love him and we r allowd to love him and be crazy over him if we want like me i think of him as my romeo and im his juliet i no it sounds corny but i lovce him with all my heart and so do alot of other beliebers so leave us alone!
    ok 🙂

  • Hello Justin my name is Jenifer and im one of your bigest fans ever i love your music and awesome style. I wish we can meat sometime so i can beleave in my jreams. I hope u get this messege rite back please!! who ever hate justin bieber F-CK OFF AND GET LOST!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I WILL DO ENNY THING SEPED KILL HIM OR ME

    🙂 <3 LOVE YOU <3

  • michelle

    justin bieber es puTO machin = que seLeenaaa

  • michelle

    i´m happy for hee

  • devani esmeralda

    iiiiiiilllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee justin



  • 100% Belieber

    I LoOve JuStiin BiiebeR 4 Ever & Ever iin thiis Crazy WoOrLd! <3 <3

  • cansu

    i <333 justin bieber

  • cansu


  • jhhhjuz


  • maria


  • jaileen viteal gir one yuo justin bieber
    justin bieber ohoh funny jaileen viteal ok voe
    justin bieber boy yuo ko jaileen viteal gir one

  • demariana

    all you hater need to go because justin bieber look better then you

  • demariana

    all you hater need to go because justin bieber look better then you and nows how to sing.

  • demariana

    My cousin ahman said jb has a big head i said you got a big head and eyes .

  • demariana

    My cousin ahman said jb has a big head i said you got a big head and eyes but not about jb.

  • elza

    shum shum i bukur gjithnje i ari te dua shum

  • jetlira

    te dua shum

  • Priyanka Warkade

    I love you so much justin bieber….

  • Priyanka Warkade

    I love you so much justin bieber….I hat those people who hate justin bieber and that are F_ck , S_ut ,A**o*e, **************************.

  • Ximena Monterrubio

    Justin I love you’re the person who inspires me! and that makes me a better person! if you hang out with Selena and I am happy that a true bieleber understands that if the person you love is happy she is happy! I hope that you remain the person who sang Baby to all her fans! we love you Justin! I hope you come to Playa del Carmen! Quintana Roo! espermamos you …

  • haylee

    i love u justin bieber

  • Jelena Forever

    I think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber very beautiful *-* but the jealous beliebers of (some) are threatening to Selena, you know that Justin will never ever get voces (probably) and then stop being boring, ignorant and jealous because one day you may die from so jealous of SEL. And love Jelena couple very perfect *-*

  • Amanda

    l love you JUSTIN BIEBER….
    love love love much you justin bieber….
    <3 <3

  • jennyfer

    eu te adimiro justin

  • madison.

    seriously guys, calm down.
    sending death threats to Selena?
    i personally don’t like her, but really?
    leave them alone.

  • Jojo Love Justin ♥

    Justin ? You are the best thing the world had.. We will ever Love U 🙂 ^^