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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at Swiss Chalet in Toronto

selena gomez justin bieber toronto swiss chalet

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber head out for a bite to eat at Swiss Chalet with family and friends in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon (June 1).

While out and about, the cute couple were also spotted shopping at Arden B at one local mall before grabbing a sweet ice cream treat.

The day before, Selena and Justin were seen out at the park with his dad Jeremy, half sister Jazmyn, and half-brother, Jaxon and step-mother.

Selena was even spotted carrying Jazmyn in her arms for a while as they played around the park.


More Jelena in Toronto pics here.

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  • camilla

    is the star tattoo real?? :s

    • justin

      its a henna.

      • paulien riethorst

        brazilie thuis marcelo carvalho
        nieuw paulien
        guitar singing

  • Lay Lay

    What was the point in getting a cone if he’s eating it with a spoon. lmao just asking(:

    • paulien riethorst

      marcelo carvalho foto,s dvd filmje cd
      guitar singing buiten

  • Lay Lay

    They are so cute togetherr<33333

    • paulien riethorst

      justin bieber canda

  • Anonymous

    has selena got on justins dog tags?

    • paulien riethorst

      tom kaulitz
      bill kaulitz
      gustav schafer
      georg litsing
      durch den monsun

  • Sascha

    i dont like the earrings

    • amber

      i dont think hes got earrings because i checked on google

      • paulien riethorst

        sexy bed liggen
        sexy bad zit
        sexy bank liggen
        buiten sexy staan bill tom

  • 8anonymous

    I love justin u guy look so good together

  • tiffany :)

    hmmmm Selena looks worried oh well :/

    • jessica

      I hate Justin and Selena

  • Jeslyn :]

    she looks creepy in that pic and justin looks like a soilder with the glasses

  • It’s just stupid nobody cares about them or the relationship stop acting like they’re gonna get married

    • amber

      exactly its all fake god its a publicity stunt

  • christina

    uhm thats rude of justin ti give selena his dog tags cause a fan gave that to him and it meant alot to her cause she got that from a friends whos dad died, that fan trusted justin

    • sese

      i don’t think it’s the same. Because in this one there is the letter “j”

  • Anon

    That’s not justin’s dog tag. Here’s a close up. There’s a J on it. Probably from Justin

    • ashley

      he probaly gave to her for attention because it is a publicity stunt you can tell

    • paulien riethorst

      marcelo carvalho nieuw paulien
      brazilie thuis woontplaats

  • XAnonymous

    uummmm gladyce is that you????

  • stacey

    That is Stratford, ON NOT TORONTO!!!!!!

  • mikayla

    awwww they look soo cutee together.?

  • tiara

    i used to think like aww they are cute but now im like go away because every time you go on his fan site all you see is JUSTIN AND SELENA GETTING THIS DOING THIS AND KISSING its starting to get on my nerves

    • Anonymous

      OMG that’s exactly what I was thinking !

      • Tiffany :)

        YEAH! this is for JUSTIN BIEBER not Justin bieber and Selena gomez!

        • Steph,

          I know right it’s CALLED The justinbiebershrine.com NOT? justin bieberselenagomez shrine.com :\ Just sayin’ -_-

        • Dora

          I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaeirs!

    • slutlena

      yeah ur right…

  • Marsella Bieber

    Is Justin Bieber wearing earings. please reply people. if he is, then is he wearing on both sides or only one side.

    • Lovie

      Yes he is wearing earrings on both sides

  • Marsella Bieber


  • Summer


    • Summer


  • Tooja

    i dont like the earings but that doesnt matter i loooovvveee uuuu juuussstttiiinnn <3 and who is this little CUUUUTTIIIEE ? and wat wrong with selena ?

    • selena just ugly lol

      • jocelyn

        yes you are selena lol diamond<3. looveyou.

  • ewwwh selena ugly she need to get a life instead of trying to ruin justins life

  • selena is legit ruining justin’s life….& his carreer. ever since they’ve been dating, he’s been loosing more & more fans. starting with the st, regis hotel scene. like from then on, everything went down hill. from giving paparazzi the finger, to running paparazzi over on his birthday & then everything that happened since then, like the “go home” incident that happened yesterday. i’m happy he’s happy & all, everything he’s been doing lately have been breaking my heart. what happened to the justin bieber that we all fell in love with? the one singing ‘aye, aye, aye’ in his grey hoodie.? what happened to the one that said he dated his guitar? what happened to the one that always put family first, & that includes his belieber family? i’m still a huge fan & all, but lately i’ve been feeling like he’s neglecting everyone for selena…& i’m not the only one who thinks that.;…

    • jocelyn

      goot thaat right sistaa<3.

  • jocelyn

    oh no selena, your like legit running justins life & that is not okay… like legit… your ugly, & just EWH! like no, bye uglyyyy!

  • nacy

    yall got everything that other people dont have like going to see around the world

  • nacy

    yall should do better

  • emma i am a selena fan and justin fan

    you dont have to judg selena and justin just be nice,if you dont like selena then you dont have too say, oh selena is ugly, some ppl like selena ANDjustin together,so dont judg themm together.

    thxssss so much
    love you so much jelena

    • amber

      selena is not ugly but jelena is so fake

  • Patricia

    What I wanna know is why are there so many pictures of them together? Who’s taking them and leaking them? Texas and Ontario have no papparatzi, like LA does. I bet its Scooter since he is on the trip with them. Makes you think hmmm.

    • emma i am a selena fan and justin fan

      what do you mean

    • i know! like out of the blue, all these pictures get leaked & whatnot. hm, ive got some theories.

      • Steph,

        Look I’m sorry but… Really the truth is the paparazzi follow them EVERYWHERE, and so……… Well I personally just think that as a result of that, these pictures are leaking and whatnot cause’ even if the paps arnt in a big crowd there’re still around, AND still takeing pictures.

        • tiara

          yeh so they were in the house with them when he was rubbing her feet

      • Fazila

        Happy National Day!! :D….I am the same here [it is hot too], wearing too much still and fidnnig I don’t have any summer clothes..time to go shopping? ;)xx

  • Teya

    i just wanted to put this out there even tho this has nothing to do with this but. money cant buy you happyness but they can buy you justin bieber tickets

  • she has so much wive in her hair u can tell hahah salena when your have wive in your hair it shouldn’t look fake DUH HAHA JK JK JK

  • Hannah

    at first, in thought Jelena was SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!
    than it got annoying cause i would ALWAYS see pictures of them, not 1 of him alone. ITS SO ANNOYING! shes so clingy!

  • Espey.9

    The woman on the picture isn’t his step mother it’s Tammy his aunt !

  • tiara

    can i tell you guys how much i used to love selena i used to love selelna so much to the point where if you chose miley over her i wouldnt be your friend i know that sounds crazy but now i cant stand her it just seems like that old goof ball is gone

  • Jeslyn :]

    Jelena is sooooo ANNYOYING! their constanlty on the news theres always pictures of them together like him and her not just one of him gawd shes so clingly. she basically talks about him in almost all her interviews. LIKE IN THE BILLBOARD AWARDS EVERYBODY WAS SOOO FOUCESED ON HIM AND SELENA THAT THEY FORGOT HE WON LIKE WHAT 8 AWARDS. the camera came coming back to them sitting to together not at the presenters. OMFG!

  • i love justin bieber

    awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! justin and selena are so cute togethere .

  • obi4kam tee sel

  • toa gei q komandva…mami4kata da ti eba az kopele skapano…6te doida sled 1-2 godini i 6te te pre4ukam weeeeeeeeeee mami4kata ti da eba…obi4kam te sel..

  • amber

    its so obvious they make jelena look so fake

  • Djilan

    Why arnt they smiling or holding hands and why is selena or justin all the way in the front of each other IF ur a couple show some LOVE

    • amber

      thats right i agree with u

  • amber

    if their a couple why do they look straight into the camera

    • ashley

      exactly girl it is just a publicity stunt and justin’s crew are the one’s taking the pics and leaking them to the media


  • tay tay


  • they leave them alone ok just grown up bitches

  • Anonymous

    justinbieber and selenagomez

  • Anonymous

    justinbieber and selenagomez in kissing hawaii baech

  • Anonymous

    justinbieber and selena gomez in kissing hawaii beach

  • look yall selena fans shes nuthin bt whore

  • Selena Gomez

    There I am 🙂

  • Tiffany

    OMG which Swiss Chalet was that?! And is she still in Toronto right now?

  • amber

    the people who love jelena and don’t know its a publicity stunt UR BLIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it,s me david conway and my comments tonight is that i love to see here as well just about justin bieber,s little sister b-day birthday as welll here as well , love david b conway

  • ur a liar.stop trying to be someone ur not.im selena AND I LOVE MY FANS!! and Justin is amazing 🙂

  • how is everyone today? 🙂

    • Hannah

      SELENA I love you your so pretty and such a great role model. I love you and Justin together. Your music, voice, and everything about you is amazing. I <3 you..your biggest fannnn


      • Anonymous

        m jmn kvc bol hiy plas 0sd

      • Mesh

        and i also love them

  • weres my selenators at? x

  • iloovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee u Selena And Justin <3
    youse are great together and fuck fans that want him they just can't get himmmm cuz youse are inlove forever <3

  • maehleen

    selena and justin was a perfect match…I love them 2… sweet…!!!!!

  • Hannah

    Okay so I know you guys won’t get this but I love y’all! SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BIEBER<3<3 yes I love them.. Justin I. Love you and keep up with the music your cutee:) Selena your so pretty..please reply
    I love you guys HUGE FAN!<3


  • Anonymous

    i love jb

  • I love u JB, but I don`t see u and Selena together.

  • Justin's Wife

    I love Justin Bieber way more than the rest of you do 🙂

    • Mesh

      excuse me u are not justin wife

  • Hey Guys,
    I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for Justin and Selena, cuz they get “NO PRIVACY”!!! If u guys are really fans, y’all would leave them alone and you guys would treat them like the “NORMAL HUMAL BEINGS THAT THEY ARE!!!!!”


  • nicole lee xiang

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justine and selina your great partners

  • sike

  • shut up yall fat hore

    • right jacob u a r

  • I hate u jb ur fat dum jb and5years old baby getdipers

  • Anonymous

    hello jastin