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Selena Gomez keeps Facetiming Joe Jonas?

During a recent interview with Virgin Radio, Joe Jonas kept getting Facetimed by Selena. As you probably already know, Selena dated Joe’s younger brother Nick.

What you may not know is that Nick might not be completely over Selena yet.

According to M magazine, Nick Jonas wrote, “hey man. you’re a lucky guy.” to Justin and then the tweet completely disappeared. Nick claims he was hacked. “Hey everyone! I was having some security issues with my twitter account earlier. I think we got it all worked out Hope you’re all doing well,” he wrote.

Then a few minutes later, Nick started following Selena again after months of not following her. Hmm. What’s that about? Nick has that older girlfriend Delta Goodrem, but perhaps he’s getting jealous that his ex-girlfriend is dating Justin Bieber?

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  • Terri


    • Anonymous

      i ae that justin doisnt konow

  • i wonder if nick is jealous

  • they look kind of weird in the picture

  • Somebody...

    Well… I mean, Joe is getting popular with See No More… she a famewhore okay?

    • Jessalyn


      • Anonymous

        Agreed with what??Selena Gomez is better than u.

    • Anonymous

      Selena Gomez is not a famewhore i mean Joe’s cell phone said facetime with selena by the way It said selena who it may not even be selena gomez and i dont understand y u the fans well some of u guys send her death treats over Justin Bieber, look u guys treat him like he is so perfect.Anyway Justin Bieber is just a boy he’s not a prize ok.Anyway if u guys went out with him he will probably break ur heart hes not perfect.

  • Jessalyn

    This doesn’t involve justin it just involves his girlfriend and something about joe/nick jonas. Nick now has a older women with an ass and boobs why would he be jealous that justin now has selena gomez?

    • lea

      delta is flat too

  • mizz bieber

    lol at nick

  • gabby t

    who took like half an hour trying to play the video

    • megan h


  • Brooke

    how do you even know it was selena? it didn’t even look like he said her name…

    • Mya

      exactly!!!!! that is why the person who put the video on this website wrote “SELENA….. WHO????? they didnt say it was “SELENA GOMEZ”. and thank u brooke for agreeing with me!!!!!

  • Giggles

    She is a tramp. Spell it with me TRAMP.

    • ;D


    • Mya

      oh yea??? and ur a bitch

    • Lovely

      She is not a Tramp.U r a bitch

      • Aloha:)

        OMG PEOPLE STOP FIGHTING Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW IF IT WAS GOMEZ!!!!!!!! And y’all need to stop calling these stars out they don’t even know you and hating on them does NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!

  • Aniestin

    it didnt even sound like selena it sounded like sena or something i didnt hear an L in it

  • Laughss!

    Yall should watch the whole interview on youtube, it was his Manager. Stop judging without knowing.

    • Anonymous

      maybe he said it was his manager because he did want drama and question about it

  • I

    i think Selena and Nick make a better couple… I dont really like Selena all that much.. i dont “hate” her though.. but Jelena wont last much longer i dont think :/ which is fine with me.

  • Anonymous

    k but it doesnt mean its selena?


    okay let me get it im dumb soooooo wat tha heck is fac3timing

    • Selli19

      U look on a. Camra and talk like skype!!! My fans r awesome

  • Natalie

    lol i bet nick is jealous 😛 the green monster visited him when selena and justin got together

  • Jennifer

    I thought Nick J has a girl friend.

    P.S. Nick J and Sel G had worked together (music collabrination) round about March, 2011 and also this picture was taken BEFORE Joseeph and Nick HAD Shaved/cted their hair, it is shorter now.

  • fack erey one

    i love jb did u see a pecer ojwdiaq vscmjbnfsjkhhjfanmfbbvcvbvnmvbvxcbnavdhv bdhjvbchvjbcnb nx mxn c

  • mizz bieber

    sint jstin b and sleana g starty dating i felt treabul for justin b becass slena is a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate her

  • mizz bieber

    i bet nick is jelies

  • mizz bieber

    lol at nick

  • Nicole

    i wounder if Justin is actually aware of this ? :-/ i wouldn’t be surprised though, if Nick and Sellie were seeing each other.

  • Liezl...

    Umh Joe and selena??Omg I dont like that.What about justin,I thought they are dating…I feel sorry for Demi kinda…Selena Gets all the guys!!
    But I still love her,shes my rolemodel…

    • Anonymous

      Me too I love her

      • Bieberlove

        I saw Justin bieber he hug me and he kissed me in the cheek and I did even and Selena Gomez was there and they kissed like everyone was there nick was there and saw them kiss and he was really mad so I asked if I can take a pic with them nick and Selena and Justin plus Joe so they said yes and nick went clause too Selena but justin took her away they were going to make a fight anyway I kissed all of them Selena even said I love you so much if you were my age I will be your best friend she said even if your not famous she asked me how old are you i told her 17 turning 18 next month and she said we will hangout some time cause your 17 and soon 18 so we can be best friends for life and till now I hangout with her I even now were she lives and her number we go like everyday out to the movies alot of more places with Justin mwa

        • Belieber

          Really. Like why would you even say that everyone knows it’s a lie…..

  • CassieMarie

    Yeah Nick is totally jealous. He isn’t over her…He wants her back. But now that she’s with Justin, he sees what he is missing out. Although a lot of girls thought they’d be with Justin, but you can all see he’s happy with Selena.

    Jelena forever!!! ♥ 🙂

  • kaylee

    hey justin bieber i miss you sooooooooo much. call me mybe

  • Destiny bieber

    i wonder if justin know’s about selena?
    who realy knows now because no afence but maybe theres something going on…..
    o and p.s bieber that even thow one directions cool and all but i will always be a belieber and one direction doesnt have a chance by stealing me from you..CUZ YOU ARE F-ING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(SSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYYYY)

  • laramusiclover

    seriously fuckers!!!! god!!!i hate fucking justin and that fame whore selena she’s a bitch!!!! and nick is missing out?? because he broke up with selena ?? yeahh right because he wasn’t dating a 27year old woman with ass and boobs stfu seriously

  • Justin Bieber

    What did u say ’bout me and my girlfriend????

  • Belieber

    Jelena will last. Gosh. How can you say you love Justin if all you do is hate. He’s a great guy, and does so much good. Selena is beautiful, talented, and she makes him happy, which is all that matters to a true Belieber.

    You don’t have to like either one of them but show some respect.

  • Anonymous

    Nick is not jealous he likes Victoria justice she is prettier and Selena is a ugly witch I hate her

  • Tobias

    Joe Jonas ex girlfriend Selena Gomez Selena and Joe

  • Tobias

    Selena Gomez dated Joe Jonas That Together Longtime ago June 2008 6/2008 August 2 2009 Back Together Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez