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Justin Bieber Boxer – Eye of the Tiger


“Eye of the tiger babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” - Justin Bieber

Wonder where he is. Must be in southern California somewhere since he previously posted a picture of Compton.


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  • Alexys

    did you do boxing

    • Anonymous

      justin biber

  • i LOVE JELENA POR VIDA!!!!!!!!!

    justin bieber looks so dayyuuumm seexy here wait… he looks sexy in every picture 🙂

  • Kenzie

    Did you see that picture of him with his face all beat up? I dont know if its real but he looked hurt. :/

    • Anonymous

      That was from csi^^

      • Anonymous

        No, he just posted another one on his Instagram. I just hope it’s not real!

        • Anonymous

          It’s for his new photoshoot lol

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)


  • Biebezxoxo

    HEYY I wonder if that new pic on his instagram is real or not….it kinda lookz real to me…he does look hurt…who knows, he is a prankster after all!

  • he looks soo cute!! ik wer he is, hes in LA SANDS.. seeit says so right in the picture!!! 😀

  • erin bieber

    he looks sooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!

  • Justin Bieber
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  • i LOVE JELENA POR VIDA!!!!!!!!!

    i saw this gym on a show

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