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justin bieber tmz

Justin Bieber’s Christmas album 2011 is coming soon!


Justin showed up at the TMZ studios in LA today to do a personal interview. Such interviews with big celebrities are very rare for TMZ. Not only that but Justin has done this type of interview with them before. Why does JB love TMZ so much?

As I have said months ago on Shrine’s fan page, there’s a rumor that TMZ is bribing Justin due to an audio tape which JB does not want released that is in the hands of TMZ.

Anyways, love the fact that Justin wants to raise his kids in Canada. It’s clean, safe, and the people are so polite. (ok I’m biased.) And yay a Christmas album is on the way!!

Go join Shrine’s fan page.

UPDATE: The video above may be deleted soon but you can watch it here.

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  • Someone u dont need 2 know

    haha! love this(:

  • Liz

    i love

  • JusTin A LovE yOou Je Suis au MarOc Plise Is it possible that Tdhb to Morocco

  • gabriella hernandez

    hail ya baby i love this o. o lolz not baby 😛

  • Martim

    a christmas album? really????

  • Anon.

    I love this.
    I freaking hate TMZ though. I’m sure everyone in the WORLD has said something at one point in their life that would be classified as “racist”. Leave JB alone TMZ.


    the video has been baned :OO could u pls find another video of that and post it again :3 i wanna see it 😛

  • KL

    What audio tape?? How do you know tj

    • KL

      HOw do you know this? What is it about?!?!

  • Dinie

    Justin come Malaysia please…I miss u so much…

    #people malaysia………:)

  • i like the new layout picture you got >>
    and that is soo cute that he wants to raise his kids back home in canada 🙂

  • mahrukh

    i love you justin bieber… you are truely a good person and have have a great heart. u r not selfish, and that’s what i realy like about you..:) plz come 2 Denmark..:)

  • Wow ilove you


  • I love you justin you are my life the most beautiful and I adore good pop

  • Elaine

    Whasss up

    • Clayton

      Whasss up babe