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justin bieber selena gomez date 2011

Justin and Selena visit Debby Ryan on set of ‘Jessie’

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  • why were they on the set???? maybe they were at the Disney studios because Justin was performing on So Random??? It’s supposed to air in December:)

    • Anonymous

      no hes not we wouldent know now not till december they dont make stuff like that 3 months ahead

      • well on twitter, @radiodisney actually said that justin is performing!
        it was just my thought…

        • nate

          wow how did you know that

      • joanna

        i love you debby ryan

  • SB

    Can selena just go away already. I am so bored of seeing her face every time I read about justin :-/

    • me too!

      • Anonymous

        You should stop okay their dating well they were so you have to support who he loves and he who he dosent if you really love Justin

        I <3 Selena

        so just STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giani

    So cute together

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    omg those kids are so lucky :D!!

    and justin is supposed to perform there on december so maybe he was filming early soo….

    • thats exactly what i said!!!! except hes performing on so random, not jessie:)

      • joanna bieber

        i have justin bieber movie called never say never

    • nope i met him to

  • Patricia

    I have no idea who Jessie is cause I don’t watch the Disney channel. Why is Jelena hanging out with little kids? Its kinda creepy o_0

  • asheliy

    i love justin bieber

  • satwinder

    when are you briing new shows from Jeesie that i wanted to see that it has to be at seven on friday maybe at seven thrid insted thank you

    your fan from new show JESSIE Satwinder

  • DanHol

    LUCKY!!!!!!!!! I am speechless

  • nate

    that is cool because i have a crush on Debby Ryan.

  • nate


  • nate

    <3 you Debby RYAN

  • nate


    • Anonymous

      did she ask u where u live

      • Name

        Yeah now she knows where to find you and so does everyone on here lol I love Debby Ryan too

  • giada

    ragazze c’è sempre selena xkè è la raga di justin ed è giusto ke ci sta pure lei…nn fate le gelose….

  • KatieBieber

    huh ? but that blonde girl is from ANT farm ?

    • Anonymous

      She is on ant farm but she plays creepy Connie on jessie and selena is so amazing she’s awsome

  • Anonymous

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  • Lol

    Why the hate to selena she’s amazing

  • Anonymous

    I wanna be on jessie