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new justin bieber halloween 2011 someday commercial

New Justin Bieber Halloween Someday Purfume Commercial

OMG this is so romantic! Justin just did a new commercial for his Someday perfume just in time for Halloween. I know you love it 😉

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  • thats kool
    happy holloween everybody

    • kayla

      hey i love jb

    • Rebekah


      • Rebekah

        OOOOOPZ i ment to say LOL thats so funny but justin looks so cute in that video

    • kateyn

      love you

  • Sam Marie

    Haha I think she’s going to be known as the Justin Bieber Someday girl 😛

  • Selena Gomez

    hello babe. I like your video. text me babe!

    • yup…okay ur the real selena gomez…..

    • im hot and your not

      haha…..FUCK OFF BITCH!….you wish you were her!….she has loads of cash….even though shes ugly!…and what do you have?a computer for $2!so why dont you fuck off bitch??

      • its called sarcasm….im pretty sure that the real selena gomez wouldnt be on here putting her number out! so i suggest u get some common sense, and fuck off! yeah see, i can use “bad words” too…dont think that your alll tough cause u cann, and my laptop tends to be 900 bucks so watch it, u probably found ur 90’s computer on the street or in the trash. get a life im hot and your not!! what kind of name is that? a freakin stupid one ill tell u that!!
        go pick on little children, it suits u better than making fun of my comments!

        • Rebekah

          :0 AQUWARD

    • Justin Bieber

      ur stupid. leave me alone. no one likes u

  • hahahaha omg i looove thiss!! justin is soo cute! 🙂 i love to see his smile:)

    • im hot and your not

      in your dreams your kristina bieber….get to the real world sweetheart!lets face it…..even if you meet him…you will never end up with him!dream while you can……HAHA…..some people….and NO this video is pathetic,ive seen loads of advertisments and this is the worst!he is a terrible actor just like your face!but hes a good singer….lets hope it lasts after ”breaking” hes voice.

      • okay? i never said about being with him, i only said that i like to see him smileee and that hes so cute….thats it! whats ur problem??
        did someone steal your cookie at school and your taking it out on me??

        • Dalila

          Lol that’s funny and don’t listen to that fucking asshole he/she is being a total jerk don’t listen to people like that u can say watever you want its a free country so don’t listen to him or her watever

  • Anonymous

    omg…justin i love you…love this video….♥

  • erika

    you knw the gurl cursed right? wen justin was going for her she sai ” oh s*** “

    • haha i would have to!

      • erika

        but doesnt he have a lot of young fans? y wud she curse? shes supposed to be sweet and nice not a cursing gurl:P

    • Rebekah

      HAHAHA lol she did

  • Patricia

    Damn is that really Justin in that mask? If it is then he’s still fucking sexy even as a scary guy. Happy Halloween everyone 😀

  • hello babe i love jb your video is so good i like it

  • Soamina

    It’s so stupid.. #nohate

    • erika

      this time i agree im a huge fan but not of this video

  • Justin Bieber

    ive never seen that commercial

  • Happy Halloween EveryBody! 🙂

  • Anyela

    I Love You JB<3

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk alone like Alejandra Magana