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justin bieber christmas sweater

Justin Bieber Christmas jacket costs $1650 by Junya Watanabe

When we saw Justin Bieber performing hits from his holiday-themed Under The Mistletoe album on the Today show this morning, we couldn’t take our eyes off his christmas sweater-meets-varsity jacket attire. And then we realized it wasn’t just any ordinary christmas sweater-meets-varsity jacket, one that costs $1,650 by Junya Watanabe.

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  • ashley

    Ooooooo, im so buying it

  • myllena

    o justin é muito gato

  • myllena

    i´m love your justin

  • hell ya! im going to bye that jacket its a nice color to

  • Fatima

    He’s got mad swag.

  • Fany

    Oh wow i can buy something much better than that i bet my butt cost much more than that

  • Lindsey

    I was at the concert he was so adorable 🙂 and he surprised the fans camping out and grabbed my hand and told us to stay dry <3

  • Wow :O
    But if I could I would buy this jacket

  • Kokopuff

    I want that jacket

  • CUTE JACKET!!!:)

  • ana

    hi justin I luv your jacket i wish I could afford it but it’s kinda a rip of

  • McKinley

    Hey, I like the jacket. I hope you didn’t pay that much for just a jacket u r going to grow out of.

  • Kk

    Hey, I like the jacket. I hope you didn’t pay that much for just a jacket u r going to grow out of.

  • Ana

    Hi again. it’s ana I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I’m a Beliber!!!!
    I LUV JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your biggest fan

    Youre a loser, you’re 17 and sound like a little girl. Your music is sooo boring, I just have to change the radio station when you come on. This jacket is not worth that much money, sooo little girls who are trying to buy this jacket, your dumb…it’s not even worth it. Go buy one from walmart, that’s probably where he got it from! Hahaha btw north face is sooooo much better!(:

    Bye ya losers,(: merry christmas

    • Hater

      I sooo agreee!

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