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Justin Bieber – Old School Flow [Lyrics with Music]

Justin Bieber – Old School Flow [Lyrics with Music]

Let me start off with the old school flow
Snap back backpack, rattattat go
Swagger at the nap shack
Who knew I could rap that
Tell me where the cash at
I’ll tell you where the smash at
#1 hits, I got #1 flicks
And the #1 kicks and #1 chicks
Fast like Gordan and my jams like Jordan
And my Tims like Hortons and my jets all aboard in
And my wheels are like a fortune and it feels like extortion
Easy for the fame or for the fortune
Life is mikeness so I can recite this
People in their basements say that I didnt write this
People say im white so I couldn’t do it like this
Text like Nike let me give you a good night kiss
When I’m a little bit sick of it listen to bickering
Like picking on a little kid
Like taking all his licorish
I hate it when they littering
i hate to be a illiterate
i literally am doing deeds, literally
Cheese like Goda and my soul like Buddha
And I go right through ya
And I’m soo much cooler
And I dont need Luda to know that I’m the ruler
And I’m soo much cooler
You should call me Ferris Bueller

Let me start off with the old school flow

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  • Leann

    My Daughter loved this video.

  • Leann

    Like Usher would say Oh My Gosh, Bieber got swag! Love the video

  • karishma

    when did he release this? is officially on his next album? where did u get this from??

    • belb

      someone remixed his freestyle rap he did on a radio station

  • yolanda

    omg que horror a ahora le entra al rap bueno que se puede hacer!!!! solo continuar creciendo!!

  • Catherine Elvies

    AWESOME!! *-*
    Love the video!!
    Belieber Swagger ((: