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Justin Bieber at the Royal Garden Hotel in London

Justin Bieber come’s to his hotel room window to wave at his fans whilst the police are called to keep the fans from entering the hotel.

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  • courtney

    i he sill in london

    • justin bieber fan

      yh he is lol amazing right might go and see him

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  • justin bieber you cool teen boy yes

  • selena gomez you a good teen girl yes

  • justin bieber teen boy have a good song yes

  • NO COMMENT . BUT COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i like to sing yes

  • Brandy Craven

    I honestly cant believe Justin has come this far. I used to be a hater till Jan. 2011. I feel in love with NSN. I hope that he gets father and proves ALL of the haterd wrong. Ive turned others into Beliebers and Im proud to call myslef a Belieber! <3

  • 6tt

    where is justin bieber right now he is in toronto but what hotel i gots to know

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