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Justin Bieber’s Dad Jeremy is doing Celebrity Big Brother UK!

So it’s hardly surprising that pop sensation Justin Bieber is a bit upset that his dad has signed up for this summer’s British Celebrity Big Brother.

People.co.uk has reported that Jeremy Bieber, will be paid more than £100,000 (or $440,000) to appear in the show and he’s said to be pretty excited.

Says a TV source:

“He has been talking to producers for a few weeks and they have cut a deal.

“The fact he is the father of one of the most famous people in the world means he was near the top of the producers’ wish-list. No doubt Justin’s fans will tune in to see what his dad is like. Justin is a little worried, though.”

So what do you think of Jeremy doing Celebrity Big Brother in the UK? Do you think Justin would be mad or embarrassed that his dad agreed to be on the show?  Would you watch? Or do you think this is just another false rumor?

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  • Justins lover and supporter forever x

    I think that Justin should be a bit worried i mean its like his dad is using justins fame for money because he is only famous because of his son ( Justin) ~No hate

    • iloveyou justin bieber

      he want to be in it so let him be on it ok 🙂

    • hi3333333

      he will be on it you know it ok so shutup plz

  • Victoria

    This is just disgusting.. I really hope this is a rumor! I would be very dissappointed if I were Justin…

    • Anonymous

      its not his fault for getting stabbed and if yall are true beliebers then yall will shut the fuck up

      • Victoria

        I’m a true belieber, and that’s why I’m worried. But whatever happens, I’ll be there for Justin:) and his family and friends ofc!
        But my opinion is that Jeremy should not be a part of the Big Brother, because that is a stupid program…

      • Roxanne

        Holy shit. Everyone needs to quit with all of the “true Belieber” BULLSHIT. Anyone who believes in Justin, his dream, and what he’s doing, is a true Belieber. Not liking his DAD, a man who horribly abused his mother, ditched the two for the first parts of Justin’s life, then came back suddenly when Justin got famous, and not being a fan of his clear attention-seeking and money-digging hopes and habits, does not make someone NOT a “true Belieber.” It makes them smart enough to realize there’s a phony and bad-intentioned person in Justin’s life. It means that we are smart enough to not trust so easily someone who deserves no trust at all.

    • Rhiannan

      Nbf but your all be pathetic Justin has learnt to forgive his dad for what happened. I think maybe him going on big brother (which is an amazing show) would be a good idea so then he can show all of you bitchy beliebers who are stuck up your own arses to notice that he has changed and really does care for Justin. By saying all this shit about him isnt going to make anything better.Infact if he saw these comments he would proberly go on the show just to prove you wrong. You guys need to grow up and focus on things that are more important like ‘belive’ or the belive tour. Sorry but i had to get that out there. Much love <3

      • Anomanom

        I’m a male.
        And know how a males subconscious mind thinks and responds to situations.
        So all you other males out there understand the situation.
        So to all you Females out there. Get a life.

        • wholy moley

          I agree.
          Bit harsh on the female side though <3

  • Patricia

    Personally I hate this show, but if Jeremy was on it, I would watch every episode cause Jeremy is fucking hot. I just wish that he would be on the American version ( cause Im American and I don’t have British tv channels ) :/

  • Luka

    Yes but it is good init i know that Justin Bieber works realy hard but it is good for his family and stuff like that but i just wont to say that i realy love him and i always be happy for him becouse he makes happy for us init <3 xxx

  • Roxanne

    Jeremy Bieber pisses me off to no end. If people didn’t believe proof before that Jeremy started coming back into Justin’s life as a true and real presence only once Justin became famous, THIS should prove it to people. Jeremy is only in all of this for the money and attention. He has proved time and time again that he’s an attention-seeker, and not close to Justin for the right reasons. You don’t get to ditch your son for the first and poor years of his life, treat his mother abusively and like shit, then just show up again once he’s making something of himself and making big money, and say that you’ve “changed.” So much bullshit. He’s not a celebrity either. He’s a father of a famous person who is trying to get all he can from the situation.

    • Anonymous

      I totally Agee with you!

    • Callie:)

      Listen to this girl she knows what she’s saying I soooo agree!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Justin’s father is just pathetic! He is feeding off of Justin’s fame to get on shows and stuff he needs to get a life it seemed like he didn’t want to do anything with Justin before his fame but now he wants to do everything with him.

  • Hannah

    Ill be at those live evictions every week if he does!!!!

  • SammieBiebs

    i think its good that they are sharing the fame, this gives Jeremy his time to shine and show the world his personality, Without Justin Jeremy wouldnt have any fame but if you think of it on the bright side Justin has gave Jeremy one of the best lives you could ever have… Justin you’re Awsome <3

    Gunna watch everynight Jeremy i support you <3
    Love Justin Bieber Loads 🙂 xxx

  • Natasha

    I think this guy is some kind of asshole!! How old is he? Almost 40 of something? He acts and dresses like he is a teenager, or some kind of gangster! He is using Justin`s fame to be something he could never accomplish himself in life!! If he would think about his son and not only himself he would realize that being on this show its not gonna be so good for Justin`s image!!! Normaly ppl that go on BigBrother are ppl that want to be famous and have exposure in a easy way!!!

    I wouldn’t let him do it if i was Justin!!!

    • Rhiannan

      Funny how people who go on big brother are already famous. For example:
      Alex Reid
      Frankie Cacozza
      Dj basshunter
      Kerry Katona
      Paddy Doherty
      Tara Reid
      you said people go on there to make them famous when there already famous. Its not for attention cus if you look at jedward they had only just come out of xfactor.Have you ever thought that they might do it for the experience because im pretty dam sure if i got offered a place to go on big brother i would take it…

      • Anonymous

        No there’s different big brothers some celebrity big brother and just normal one where normal people go in:)xx

  • roberth

    cute but looks fake;)

  • kaylie

    hey justin bieber is awesome

  • Taylor

    I would definitely watch it since Jeremy would be on but if I were Justin i would be embarrassed. If my dad was to act a fool on that show they would judge me like some people might judge Justin. Plus, if Jeremy says the wrong thing it would look bad on Justin’s career, so i can understand why he’s a little bit mad.

  • belieber

    im a true belieber, i abso love justin and i would do anything for him, why dont use all just leave jeremy alone if he wants to go on it then he can, he isnt taking advantage of justin being famous, he has wanted to go big brother for ages now just leave him to it<3

  • hey4444444444444444

    he i love you so much justin bieber i wont to go to a corent ok

  • 5447475

    hey yall il love him more 😀

  • Jaymie

    what foxtel channel will it be on if your not from the UK and your from australia 🙂 ??

    • Megan

      In the UK it is on channel 4 so hope this helps 🙂

  • Megan

    It’s totally up to him. Personally i love big brother and would love to see him on it, but the only reason he got asked is because of Justin’s fame because he wouldn’t of been offered the chance otherwise so if he is only doing it because of the money it is very unfair but if he is doing it because of the opportunity than that is fine. I just hate it when people that have famous friends/relations and are always using their fame to get money and popularity, but that is just my opinion.

  • patricia

    justin bieber is crazy

    • Jann

      I agree with you!!! And his dad needs to do a few more sit ups…no one wants to see a fat pack lmao!!!

  • Mrs.Beiber :0

    i think his dad should do it cuz i need to see how my father-inlaw is. :):):):):)

  • Jann

    You Justin fans are so lame..you’d suck Justin’s dads balls just because Justin said to! Lol he doesn’t give a s@!t about you just your money!!! Freaking idiots smh

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