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Justin reaches 22 million followers on Twitter

Our family keeps growing! JB just reached 22 million followers today. Congrats!

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  • ???

    Do we really care

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t care, why would you comment? Justin has earned his 22 mil followers/fans. He has come so far as an artist.

      • Joy

        ..why are you on this website taking the time out of your life to read and comment on something YOU don’t care about?

  • catgirl

    wooow so proud of u!!! we are growing up 😉
    love u justin!!

    • Arianna

      Do. You. Love. Me. Justin

  • wiki

    super,but in facebook Justin Bieber has a 43 mln beliebers 🙂 <3

    • Arianna

      Do. You

  • Belieber 4 ever and always!

    Beliebers are catching up with the little monsters… check out lady gaga’s followers… we’re soooo close!! LUV JB FOREVER!!!

    • nicolebelieber

      YEAH WE ARE DOING GREAT! xD love ya JB!

  • sonja

    I don’t know if you are already following me Just. But if not hope you will now follow me. If not it’s ok I know you are very busy and who want a 48 year old person following them or follow them back. You are a great singer and very very talented. Love you J B Peace out. God Bless you and your’s

  • JS belieber

    if u dont care… then get off the site…. u basterd fake fan… but if u are a fan then comment nice stuff and yes WE CARE!!!!! SWAG

  • Nathaly

    My Boyfriend Sexy

  • biebers fan

    i dont relly care of u……u are is2pid person…justun drew bieber for ever

  • Arianna

    I want. To. Be. Your.