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Justin Bieber kissed by a monkey!

hahaha that’s so cute!

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  • Bieber'sgal

    I’m gonna wish to be a monkey so Justin loves me! 😛

    • ashely

      in your dreams

  • AngelIsABelieber

    aww how cute <3

  • AngelIsABelieber

    “i love monkeys” XD

    • Kandyce

      Justin is so adorable . (‘: i watched this video like 20 times in a row (x “hi, hi, you smart?” hes so CUTE ! 😀 i loooove him <3 .

      • amanda

        Omg i Luv justin bieber so much and this video its so so cute

      • ashely

        i do to

  • lalala

    i wanna be kissed by a monkey…or preferably by bieber

  • lyes

    i like justin

  • Georgina Bieber

    that is just so addorable xx

  • olivia ellis

    omg thats so sweet and so cute i love justin bieber

    • ashely

      i know he is hot

  • ashely

    his song as long as you love me. it is so cool, did you see that video about selena gomez beat up jb but the good thing is she got put in jail.

  • shayla


  • gerbana