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Is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together? Again!??

Do you believe they’re getting back together?

After telling everyone she can’t be any happier after the split and even making fun of the fact she made him cry (on Letterman) why did Selena fly to Norway to visit Justin? Did she miss him?

As far as I know the relationship is pretty much over. Maybe Selena’s trip was to get some publicity. I wouldn’t doubt it. I just don’t think they’ll get back together again. I do think JB still loves her and wants to get back but I think for Selena it is over.

It was over the moment Justin decided to mess with the Victoria Secret model Barbara Palvin in Miami. If you didn’t know what happened then let me fill you in….

Justin and Selena hady been having trouble in their relationship for a while. The broke up and got back together many times UNTIL December. Specifically at last year’s Jingle Ball in Miami. Selena wasn’t there. But her cousin Priscilla Deleon was. Word is that Priscilla found out Justin was in his tour bus with Barbara. When Priscilla went to the bus looking for Justin, his friends made sure to keep her away from getting close to the tour bus because Justin and Barbara were doing who knows what inside the bus.

Below is Priscilla’s tweet supposedly to Justin after this event.


Personally I like Jelena together. She was really good for him. Justin has been a mess since their split. As much as I hope they get back together it isn’t going to happen. Jelena is through. It’s just a matter of how long she keeps stringing us along.

PS. I don’t know the truth of this story obviously. Thinks is what I’ve learned from what I’ve read.

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  • sonja

    Yes I can believe it. They just needed some time apart from each other for a while and focus on their career. They where rushing into a Realationship to fast They waste thinking at the time. i love them both and wish them well. Just this time take it nice and slow.

  • me


  • Anonymous

    omg, you’re back!!! 🙂

  • yaay

    What you’re back?!?! please don’t stop making posts again!! you are the best justin-updater!
    But yeah, idk if they will get back together but i kind of hape they will <3