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justin bieber selena gomez crying buffalo 2013

Selena Gomez cries for Justin Bieber on “Love Will Remember” performance!

It’s been so long since Jelena was a real item but apparently Selena Gomez still remembers. Supposedly Selena broke down and shed a tear during her performance of “Love Will Remember”, a song written about her ex Justin.

Omg I want a Jelena 2.0 to happen already! It’s been reported that Justin is trying really hard to get Selena back but I don’t see that happening unless Justin gets rid of his “new friends” first. I doubt Sel likes them much.

Here’s a video of her performance in Buffalo last night. I wouldn’t say she was exactly balling her eyes out (but then again she had to perform) but at 2:35 I think she is trying to hold back the tears.

Do you remember? Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Hawaii Beach Pictures May 26, 2011

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  • jessica

    justin bieber eu te amo eu tenho 9 sou apixonada por voce

    • Anonymous

      s fca vfcesg

  • Esmeralda

    Selena don’t cry over him. He ain’t worth in God’s got somebody better for you as for you Justin I hope your reading this you are one hell of a looser! You ain’t ever gonna change. And Selena if he does change don’t take him back. He needs to know what he did.

  • Ana

    Selena Justin don’t deserves a girl like you , he don’t need someone that will be the adult in the relationship who ever he is with they both need to be the adult in the relationship. A Wonderful girl like you dosent need a man like that what you need is someone who will take care of you and won’t break you heart. Justin I hope you read this and change in to the person that selena deserves, mabye if you do she will take you back, people need time to fix peoples mistakes . selena doesn’t need to fix your mistakes you need to fix them to get a wonderful girl like selena hopefully you read this and it knocks some scence in to you selena when he proves that he has changed then he deserve you then that’s when you know he really loves you and he should tell you that every day and I know this message is late but maybe you two could give it another try when he shows you that he really loves you

  • Starr

    Justin doesn’t deserve a girl like Selena because he treated her like she was a pile of shit! If a man treats you like that then dump his sorry ass!#seriously