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Justin Bieber beefing with Def Jam?

Hmmm… Just got back from a trip and just received a puzzling tweet from Justin. Could there be trouble between JB and his record label?


“wish def jam would work harder on my project”

Yah I wondered why they didn’t release these #MondayMusic songs as an album instead of the way they’re doing it. There’s been absolutely no promotion whatsoever so I can understand Justin’s frustration, especially given that the songs are so good!

Justin should just go independent like Macklemore who is making a killing as an independent artist.

(thanks Luanna!)

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  • Luanna Martins

    Music Mondays.
    This project is only being promote by us, Justin and his crew.
    Def Jam is not even giving it too much attention, Justin is one of its artists and they should at least support.
    This could’ve been an album, but they didn’t invest enough, that’s why one of the alternatives was to put it out as digital material.

    • Woah really? I’ve been so out of it lately. Thanks for filling me in Luanna.

      Yah I was wondering why he wasn’t releasing these songs as an album. The songs are so good.

      • Luanna Martins

        No problem..
        I think he must have introduced the songs to his label, maybe to make a special album for Christmas or something like that.
        It’s a good way to make money since his fan base are really supportive.
        I think Justin had a lot of material and none plataform to put the songs out and I also think he really wanted to share.
        It seems like the first time he is fully hands on and wrote his own stuff based on his experiences.
        The project is being very sucessfully, thank to us (once again we are supportive and buy whatever just to simply support), but not so sucessful as his previous material and maybe not so sucessful as he wanted it to be and it must be frustating to him, knowing that it would be better if the label was supporting.
        Don’t know why the record label is being so shady, I think he meant to say that the label is overlooking his currently material and that they should support a little more.

        Thanks for using my comment btw.