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Justin Bieber ‘All That Matters’ Official Music Video out tomorrow

justin-bieber-animated-allthatmatters-1The sexiest music video Justin has made to date comes out in less than 24 hours. Can you handle it?


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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    Lord have mercy on my soul, I cant wait til this comes out WAY TO GO JUSTIN!!! The older you get your maturity shines but nonetheless you are still a young talented & attractive young man that has the same wants, needs & desires as any other man.

  • sonja

    I also think if you and Selena had wrote a song or if you had asked her to be the woman in your vidoes than just maybe you would of been together. You two did make a good couple. just maybe you was rushing thing a little to fast. but I hope you will fine true love soon with some one else. You derserve to have happiness in your life sing isn’t going to keep you warm at night nor give you what a man needs if you know what I mean. Every one needs TLC.

  • mya13beliber

    oooo justins getting dirty

  • nedjmabieber

    hi baby bieber,it’s me again.your girl from algeria,you know what i love this video.i mean who deosn’t love it.anyway i always with you and i will be always supporting you,no matter what happend everthind is ganna be ok.remember this you word.love you and wish you all the best…god bless you

  • Abigail

    That’s the way I like him to