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More pics of Justin Bieber skateboarding in Sydney Australia



justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-03 justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-05 justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-04 justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-07 justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-09 justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-06

justin-bieber-sydney-australia-skateboarding-08More pics of Justin Bieber skateboarding at Waterloo Skate Park in Sydney Australia on Dec 1, 2013

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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    Justin Bieber is so awesome, the wonders with him never cease to amaze me. I will never underestimate his capabilities, the compassion for family & friends he has. He never just says that he loves & cares for them he shows it through his actions. I “Pray” that #Someday I get to be that “OLLG” ALAYLM Justin I will always Believe n you & stand by your side through the good & bad times. You reminded me to Never Say Never because when it comes to you as long as I have faith & Believe my day to get a M&G with you will happen. I want Justin to know that he is always writing, singing, & performing such beautiful enlightening, encouraging & inspiring you music I hope that I can live up to the motto #GivingBack as well as he does.

  • Day day

    I love you justin FOREVER AND FOREVER!!!!!