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Demi Lovato has said before that she wanted to collaborate with Justin on a song but when asked the other day after the finale of X-Factor about the collaboration she says she doesn’t want to do a collab with Justin anymore. Awww how come? What direction does she want to go?

Maybe she’s heading in the “Justin and Selena broke up so I don’t want to make Selena mad” direction.


Justin confirms on Power106 that All That Matters is written about Selena Gomez when they were still together because she’s all that mattered 🙁

Think that’s why Selena was upset once the pics of Cailin Russo & Justin came out on the set of the All That Matters music video?

Listen to the lyrics again.


@selenagomez: I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat

Justin’s message on Instagram might be a little cryptic but there’s no confusing who Selena Gomez is talking about when she posted the above picture saying “I thought he only like the Latina category. Smh”.

Let’s face it. If you know Justin you know he has a thing for Latino girls (Selena, Jasmine, Fernanda etc) but for Selena to “shake her head” so publicly on Instagram shows she still loves Justin. She still cares.

Could she be talking about Cailin Russo, who’s not Latino, in the upcoming All That Matters music video? The video coming out tomorrow is going to be extremely steamy and I can see how she might feel some jealously to this non-Latina.

If you need further proof that JB likes the “Latina category” then here’s a song that never made it to the My World Vol 2.0 album because a producer of the song leaked it before the release: Latin Girl.

Have any doubts Selena was talking about Justin in that Instagram message??


Fernanda-Paes-justin-bieber-argentina-zax-night-clubThere were a lot of girls that night at Zax Club in Rio de Janeiro but allegedly the one that caught Justin’s eyes was Fernanda Paes.

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justin bieber selena gomez crying buffalo 2013

It’s been so long since Jelena was a real item but apparently Selena Gomez still remembers. Supposedly Selena broke down and shed a tear during her performance of “Love Will Remember”, a song written about her ex Justin.

Omg I want a Jelena 2.0 to happen already! It’s been reported that Justin is trying really hard to get Selena back but I don’t see that happening unless Justin gets rid of his “new friends” first. I doubt Sel likes them much.

Here’s a video of her performance in Buffalo last night. I wouldn’t say she was exactly balling her eyes out (but then again she had to perform) but at 2:35 I think she is trying to hold back the tears.

Do you remember? Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Hawaii Beach Pictures May 26, 2011


Do you believe they’re getting back together?

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