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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are more powerful than ever! According to Google they are officially the most powerful celebrities on the internet.

What does that mean exactly? On average, every month the global search volume for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is 50.6 million. While Justin Bieber gets 30.4 million global searches a month, Selena Gomez gets just over 20 million.

The power couple are talked about daily from hair styles to MTV award nominations and controversies. Thanks to VEVO’s huge online ratings, Disney shows, music tours, viral videos, and endless hype, both young stars are prominent much unlike any other couple in America. Their popularity outranks other major stars including Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Below you can find out how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez compare in the online search ratings compared to other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eminem and Michael Jackson.

Most popular online celebrities:

  • Justin Bieber : 30,4 million
  • Selena Gomez : 20.4 million
  • Lady Gaga : 16.6 million
  • Barack Obama : 15.43 million
  • Michael Jackson : 13.6 million
  • Eminem : 11.1 million
  • Madonna: 11.1 million
  • Angelina Jolie: 5 million
  • Kristen Stewart: 4.09 million
  • Brad Pitt: 2.74 million
  • George Clooney : 1.5 million


justin bieber cool sunglasses

Selena Gomez gets a visit from her pop star boyfriend Justin Bieber as she films for “Parental Guidance” in Los Angeles yesterday (August 3, 2012) with actor Nat Wolf and Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan.


justin bieber selena gomez birthday party 2012

Selena Gomez turned 20 years old on Sunday, July 22, and after she and boyfriend Justin Bieber appeared at the Teen Choice Awards ceremony, he took her to an intimate birthday party he’d planned for her at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.

An eyewitness of the evening tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, “Justin made sure that everyone at Il Cielo treated Selena like a princess last night. He was really adorable about it. You could tell that her birthday dinner party meant a lot to him.”

It meant so much to him that he planned out the menu and decorations! “There were rose petals on the tables, which was Justin’s idea. He is quite the romantic. The party was held in the back room and was very intimate. There were about 30 guests. There was plenty of food to choose from including grilled calamari, baby spinach with sliced pears, goat cheese and candied walnuts, homemade pappardelle with lobster, grilled salmon and grilled rib-eye steak,” our source reveals.

Our source says that Justin’s gifts didn’t stop at the planning of the meal. “Justin made a speech which brought tears to Selena. It was basically about how wonderful and exceptional Selena is and everyone stood up and applauded. It was very sweet,” the eyewitness continues, “There was a beautiful birthday cake for Selena along with a variety of desserts like Tiramisu, sorbet, and apple tarts.”

“Justin looked like he is just head over heels in love with Selena,” our source says, which was evident by the amount of consideration and care he put into the evening. How sweet!


justin bieber selena gomez alfredo flores

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hit the movies in Calabasas Monday night. They saw The Dark Knight Rises with a group of friends, including Justin’s BFF Alfredo Flores, report several eyewitnesses, and they “were laughing and carrying on in the lobby before the film started.

They were all in good moods,” says Hollywood Life. Not in an obnoxious way, the sources go on, but just an attitude of fun. They were playing around with Justin Bieber’s Batman mask in the lobby, “acting like young kids and being goofy.”

When the group came out of the screening, they were full of praise for the movie. And they were still acting goofy, but Justin Bieber took the time, sources say, to show affection to Selena Gomez. And they both made a special effort to sign autographs for fans among the theater employees. You can be sure the ticket takers will remember the evening for a long time, even though Calabasas has so many celebs in residence that having stars in the audience might be a routine thing.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been in each other’s company almost every minute of the past week, starting with Justin’s mini world tour—long plane flights, ritzy hotels, dinners, family get-togethers and now a movie date. They went in to the theater holding hands, and they held hands in the lobby. When they came out they were still holding hands. It’s the sweetest kind of PDA.

justin bieber selena gomez fighting teen choice awards

Justin: “Trying to outdo me? Trying to outdo me?”
Selena: “No! They were saying happy birthday to me!”

lol. Too cute. These two aren’t breaking up people! They probably just went through a rough patch but they’ll stay together. They better or else he won’t be taking her to Muskoka.

muskoka lake ontario canada justin bieber selena gomez

We’ve been hearing that Justin and Selena were on the rocks but to be honest, from the pictures I’ve seen, their relationship is good to go. They are very happy together as you can tell by this picture taken Friday at Target:

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spotted shopping at Target July 20, 2012

(This is a JBShrine exclusive:)

Not only are they good but my sources are telling me that Justin is planning on taking Selena on a romantic getaway to Canada in August. This will be a 2 week trip. A 2 week vacation is the longest they’ve ever had together and if they need some quality time together it’s now. And since Justin’s Believe tour starts in September the timing makes complete sense.

Justin will first take Selena to visit his family in Stratford. After that they will be heading north to a place called Muskoka Lake in Ontario. It is beautiful there and well known in Canada for the natural scenery.

Jelena will be staying in a cottage. But it’s no normal small cottage. It is huge. Complete with a water slide that drops into the lake and a rock climbing wall.

Wanna see what it’s like to be Jelena next month? According to my sources this is the cottage where they’ll be staying….

Justin and Selena will probably sleep in the “original cottage” at 3:30 lol. If you want to see the inside go to 11:17.