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I was planning to leave this story alone hoping that it wasn’t true but now that many independent sources have confirmed to Radar Online, TMZ, and People magazine that they are definitely hooking up I don’t think this can be ignored any longer.

The rumour has been swirling this past couple of days that Justin has been hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian after she was spotted leaving the Montage in Beverly Hills early Saturday morning where Justin is currently staying.

This is what we know…

On October 10th, a day after Justin’s nude pictures from Bora Bora were released, horny Kourtney reportedly met up with Justin at Los Angeles hot spot The Nice Guy. She either really wanted publicity (considering that Justin’s nude pics were just released) or those pics of Justin’s junk had the 36 year old mother of 3 kids really hot and bothered.

Sources claim that night she made the move on him and seeing that the opportunity presented itself on a silver platter he reciprocated. They then left The Nice guy and headed back to his place. TMZ caught them leaving together in Justin’s car where she was seen holding in a smile while he tried to hide his face. Allegedly this was the first night they had sex.

They’ve hooked up a few times since then, the latest being this past Friday when she again met up with him at The Nice Guy where witnesses say he and Kourtney were nearly inseparable – smoking on the patio together and were super touchy feely.


That’s Kourtney spotted leaving his hotel at 4 o’clock in the morning the following Saturday. It was this shot that probably lead to people to investigate on their relationship.

TMZ is reporting that Kourtney has been grilled by her family but she denied anything ever happened and that they were just hanging out with a bunch of friends.

We now know that’s all bs. Justin’s camp are laughing at her denial knowing they’ve hooked up several times since Oct 10th. Apparently it’s nothing serious and they’re just having fun.

I wonder how Kendall feels about her oldest sister.


Youtube is doing their yearly roundup of the best ads in 2015 and Justin’s CK ad campaign was voted winner in the category of “Guilty Pleasure”. Seriously Calvin Klein hit the jackpot (for signing him) when Justin was caught in Bora Bora. You know, that time he wasn’t wearing his Calvins.

You can see the rest of the best of YouTube’s ads of 2015 here.


@justinbieber: Got a piece of candy and it’s all for you

is he talking about his nipple? 😳 lol


Glamour Magazine has come out with their list of the Sexiest Men of 2013 and Justin unfortunately was not #1. Notable mentions on the list is Liam Hemsworth who took 3rd place while Harry Styles takes 6th. The current Superman Henry Cavill took top honours bumping down last year’s sexiest Robert Pattison to #2 while Justin, who is youngest on the list comes in at #10.

Glamour’s top 20 sexiest men for 2013:

1. Henry Cavill
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Liam Hemsworth
4. Tom Hiddleston
5. Benedict Cumberbatch
6. Harry Styles
7. Chris Hemsworth
8. Idris Elba
9. Jamie Campbell Bower
10. Justin Bieber
11. Charlie Hunnam
12. Ian Somerhalder
13. Matt Bomer
14. Johnny Depp
15. Olly Murs
16. Michael Fassbender
17. Channing Tatum
18. Rafael Nadal
19. Matt Smith
20. Robert Downey Jnr.

Glamour’s issue of the Sexiest Men of 2013 comes out Dec 5, 2013.


…well ok not yet but we can make it happen!

Glamour Magazine has opened up the online voting for their Sexiest Man of 2013 issue and Justin totally deserves the title. And it shouldn’t be hard since so many Beliebers are on the internet. We can do this!

To vote for Justin as Sexiest Man of 2013 go here and enter his name, your name, and an email address. (Any email address works ;)). Please get everyone to vote!

Last year’s winner was Robert Pattinson.

UDPATE: Justin Bieber is Glamour Magazine’s 10th Sexiest Man of 2013


@justinbieber: When they tell me #Rollercoaster is #1

omggggggg that is so sexay!