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A video compilation of Justin’s funniest moments from 2013.


In an interview with E!News on the red carpet of the Believe movie premiere Kylie Jenner came to Justin’s defence on the bad press he’s been getting.

“He’s always been so nice and he’s such a good guy despite what everyone says about him, I think he’s amazing. He’s just been a great friend.” She also added that “he’s really cool. He’s humble.”

When asked if she thought JB was cute she answered “Of course! Doesn’t every girl think he’s cute?”


Demi Lovato has said before that she wanted to collaborate with Justin on a song but when asked the other day after the finale of X-Factor about the collaboration she says she doesn’t want to do a collab with Justin anymore. Awww how come? What direction does she want to go?

Maybe she’s heading in the “Justin and Selena broke up so I don’t want to make Selena mad” direction.


TV5 is airing a 1 hour special documenting Justin’s visit to the Philippines in an effort to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. If you’re in the Philippines make sure to tune in at 9:45 PM to watch it (which is less than 5 hours from now). Justin has helped raise more than a million dollars for the cause.

For videos and pics of Justin’s visit to Tacloban go here.

(Thanks Mark for making the pic).