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Sage The Gemini ft. Justin Bieber & IamSu – Gas Pedal (Remix).


Wow! Is this really true? Scooter confirms that Justin will be taking one year off away from the spotlight. I think this is a good decision. He’s worked so hard since he was 15. Take some time off, head back to Canada, and hang out with Ryan and Chaz. He’s missed out on being just a regular teenager.

btw. I see Clearasil sponsored his new movie. I guess that means his $3million contract with Proactiv is over.


HaHa ha. If the biggest thing that Beliebers don’t know about Justin is that he wears Invisalign then i feel so honored for telling you that JB wears Invisalign to straighten his teeth on February 18, 2011. *bow*


Chance the Rapper has been named Spin Magazine’s “Rapper of the Year”.