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Are Justin Bieber’s Glasses Real or Fake?

Jusitn Bieber wearing fake glasses

Some of you might wonder if Justin wears glasses or not as we have seen him during several outings where he sported spectacles, most recently on Feb 13 at the Nokia Plaza. Sometimes black. Sometimes white. Always thick.

This might lead to some confusion. And of course, knowing more true facts about Justin never hurt since we already know his shoe size, favorite color, favorite shows, favorite fruit….

Now you can add another fact to your memory bank. Justin does not need to wear glasses. He wears them purely for the look during appearances. (Hey, I’ve done the same thing. The only difference was that I didn’t make any appearances. lol )

Anyways, I think he looks rather cute with those glasses on. Should wear them more often.

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  • Anonymous


  • Riley and Hamony and Seairrs

    Justin Bieber is so CUTE with his glasses i think he should wear them all the time.We`re a huge fan and wish to go to one of your consernts in OHIO we love you so much we have all the CD`S a lot and i mean a lot of posters of you, and we talk about you or sing a song about you everyday but usally at recess we may be the BIGGEST FANS IN THE U.S. OF YOU we say things everyday like 1) YOUR CUTE 2) I DOESN`T MATTER HOW MANY TAT`S YOU GET YOU WILL ALWAYS BE CDUTE TO US 3) YOUR THE WORLDS MOST POPULAREST SINGER AND CUTEST IN THE WORLD pluse more WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER SO MUCH AND GOD AS BLESSED YOU SO MUCH. LOVE YOU RILEY,HARMONY,AND SEAIRRA

  • i want to eat your gaga glasses

  • Stacey

    Justin Bieber looks so cute in those glasses……

    • Panda