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Justin Bieber is Santa Claus!

Justin Bieber Santa Claus

“What do you want for Christmas Shawty?”

Omg I almost fell off my chair! lol <3 it


A video compilation of Justin’s funniest moments from 2013.


@justinbieber: Always get up when u get knocked down

ahahahah! Ok obviously I’m no hater but this video Justin posted on Instagram of him falling while skateboarding is pretty funny. Especially his smile afterwards.


one-directioner-belieber-2013Have you ever heard an argument between a Belieber vs a Directioner? Ever read the comments in some Youtube videos?

Below is a video of two old British men doing a dramatic reading of an argument between Sophie Danze (a Belieber) versus Jilianlovesthebeibs (a Direction) found in the comment section of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” music video on Youtube on Oct 4th. The results are hilarious….



ahahaha hilarious. I think she was just nervous and wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Probably scared to look eye-to-eye with Justin. I’d be.