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Justin Bieber Joins The Ranks Of Youngest ‘SNL’ Performers

“Saturday Night Live” has always been a haven for young comics and hot musicians, and there have been the rare occasions where the show takes its focus on youth very literally. On April 10, 15-year-old Candian singing phenomenon Justin Bieber will take the stage at 30 Rock and serve as the musical guest on “SNL.” (By the time he sings on the show, he will have turned 16 — his birthday is March 1). Bieber immediately makes history as one of the youngest performers to ever grace the “Saturday Night Live” stage, joining the elite group below.
Ashlee Simpson
The singer had just turned 20 years old when she took the stage on October 23, 2004 on an episode hosted by Jude Law. Her first song “Pieces of Me” ran smoothly, but when she got to her second song, something went wrong. The intro to “Pieces of Me” played again, Simpson’s guide track got pumped into the audio and the singer simply decided to do a jig.
Taylor Swift
Swift can’t seem to do anything without breaking a record, winning an award or setting an otherwise untouched precedent. So it’s not surprising that when she first guested on “Saturday Night Live” in 2009, she was among one of the youngest musical guests in the show’s history. The 19-year-old Swift rolled through “Love Story” and “Forever and Always.”
Avril Lavigne
In January of 2003, the “Complicated” singer took the stage of “Saturday Night Live” when she was only 18 years old. In a strange double-bill, the Canadian shared the show with host and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and performed two smash hits in “I’m With You” and “Complicated.”
The Jonas Brothers
Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas took the stage at 30 Rock on Valentine’s Day in 2009, which no doubt sent a number of girls into a swoon. At the time, Joe was 19 and Nick was only 16 when they rolled through “Tonight” and “Video Girl.”
One of the stories surrounding this post-grunge trio from Australia was always their remarkable age: They recorded their multi-platinum debut Frogstomp when they were each a mere 15 years old. By the time they played “SNL” on December 9, 1995, they were each 16, which made the toughness of their songs “Tomorrow” and “Pure Massacre” all the most impressive.
Before we had the Jonas Brothers, we had Hanson, a trio of siblings from Oklahoma. They played “Saturday Night Live” on December 13, 1997, when the oldest member of the band (guitarist Isaac) was only 17. Frontman Taylor Hanson was 14, and drummer Zac Hanson was an astonishing 12 years old when he pounded out “MMMBop” and “Merry Christmas Baby” live at 30 Rock.
Of course, the musical guests don’t hold a candle to the age of the youngest hosts on the show, which include Drew Barrymore (she was only seven years old when the show aired), Macaulay Culkin (11) and Fred Savage (13).
Justin may not have be the youngest to appear on SNL but he will become the youngest solo musical guest to perform on the show.

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