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Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 Track List Released

Justin Bieber My World 2.0

The “My World 2.0” track list is finally revealed. Below are the 10 confirm songs from the new album coming out March 23.

1. ‘Baby’ feat. Ludacris

2. ‘Somebody to Love’

3. ‘Stuck in the Moment’

4. ‘Smile’

5. ‘Runaway Luv’

6. ‘Never Let You Go’

7. ‘Overboard’

8. ‘Eenie Mini’ feat. Sean Kingston

9. ‘Up’

10. ‘That Should Be Me’

11. Where Are You Now (bonus)

12. Kiss And Tell (bonus)

OMG! What happened to “Pick Me”?

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  • Brainwash Victim

    That Should Be Me, is Pick Me 🙂 just so you knoww

  • Anonymous

    hey people i <3 u justin u r my boyfriend i'm only eleven and i dont care what other retarded ppl say

    • Ihavemajorbeieverfever

      No he’s mine!:P <3 <3 <3 hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    I <3 u justin u are awesome and i love youu i love the song
    baby baby ooohhh

    i <3 u
    i <3 justin bieber

  • Ihavemajorbeieverfever

    I love Justin Bieber soo much! But, i extremely DISLIKE Selena Gomez. And NO not because she’s dating Justin, but because she tears him apart from his family/friends.He even missed Jazmin’s B-day party cuz he was on vaca. w/ Selena!!& the worst part…they were ALONE in Hawaii.I just dont like her personality. I think she is snobby and annoying. She flips out on Justin for not opening the freakin’ car door!Geesh! Whata looosssseerr. No offense to any fans of Selena/: Sorry haha..Keep singing JB love u always<33

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