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Why is Justin Bieber So Huge All of a Sudden?

Justin BieberKevin Mazur/Getty Images
Why is Justin Bieber suddenly huge this week? He’s all over the Twitter trending topics. There are probably thousands of little boys who are just as cute and talented, but he’s getting all this attention!
—MRed, via Facebook
Like oh my god I KNOW, RIGHT? Why the sudden spike in Justin Bieber mania? Well, can’t be the fact that the 15-year-old Internet sensation was principal for a day at that incredibly lucky school in Covina, Calif.; that’s old news. And it can’t be that he’s huge among the juice-box crowd; that’s old news. And it can’t be his sweet personality; the hair-flipping singer is about as humble and polite as Kanye West.
So what can possibly…ah. Here we go. Mystery solved…
News just came over the transom that the kid is going to appear on Saturday Night Live on April 10 as musical guest.
Per MTV, Bieber will be one of the youngest musical guests ever to grace the SNL musical stage, next to HansenSilverchair and the Jonas Brothers. Bieber is already a huge Internet sensation; he was discovered via YouTube and is a regular on the iTunes top 10; he also scored four top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 before his album even came out.
So for fans, the SNL thing is massive. The kids are screaming with ecstasy, just screaming.
So there’s that.
But it’s not the only factor making Bieber explode all over our Twitter accounts. Do not underestimate the power of those profoundly annoying quizzes.
At this hour, very real Twitter quizzes regarding Bieber include:
  • How Much Do You Have in Common With Justin Bieber
  • Who Is Better for You, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas or Robert Pattinson
  • Justin Bieber Wants to Go All The Way, What Do You Do
  • What Happens If You Are at a Justin Bieber Meet and Greet
  • and my personal favorite, What Would Happen If Justin Bieber’s Mom Marries Your Dad
Still, not every Twitter mention for Bieber is positive at this hour. He’s also being paired quite often with another hot trending topic: #urwack.