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Exploring the Justin Bieber Phenomenon

Have you been Bieberized? 
Are you a Belieber?

You know you’ve made a giant splash in pop culture when your name is being used to formulate a new fan vocabulary, and that’s okay with Justin Bieber. In fact, it’s encouraged. The sixteen year-old YouTube sensation is gaining popularity through many different channels these days, and a world-wide Bieber fever is raging.

This soulful teen idol has already checked off a respectable amount of items from his to-do-list. After racking up over 10,000,000 views on YouTube just by word of mouth, he was signed to a major record label by the age of 14, and released his first album My World, at age 15. He also sang a Christmas song for the President and First Lady, opened up for Taylor Swift in concert, and is embarking on a large solo tour of his own, followed by the release of his second album My World 2.0, this spring. His first album, by the way, had four singles in the Billboard Top 100 before its release, an unprecedented achievement.

The only thing Justin may be better at than performing, is marketing. And making girls swoon, of course. You can tell a lot about a young man by how he treats his Twitter, and Justin’s Twitter is in overdrive. With over one million followers, he is perpetually trending, and has a captive audience — all of whom wait for tweets from their Twitterflirt about upcoming engagements, travel tidbits, musical milestones, and random fun facts.

When tweeted by one particular admirer, “Did you know that you’ve been Googled 1,136,000 times to see if you were single, LOL?” Justin replied, “and ready to mingle, ha ha.” There’s even a Bieber term for boosting record sales, as evidenced by his recent tweet, “got the word. Everyone Bieberblast iTunes all weekend long!!! Get BABY and NEVER LET YOU GO up the TOP TEN chart!!! thanks.”

And how is all of this sucess and attention affecting the young idol? He appears to be taking it all in stride, with a healthy dose of appreciation. “Can you guys tell I’m excited??? ha ha. 17 MORE DAYS!!! From a small town kid to this. I owe u all for lifting me up every time I’m down. thanks.” — another recent tweet to fans, referring to the upcoming release of My World 2.0.

As the Justin Bieber phenomenon continues, the self-taught musician with a 4.0 grade point average will continue to grow right along with his fans. So how, exactly, does a small town boy with a YouTube dream, reach the heart and soul of so many teens?

With Biebertalent, of course.

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