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Girl Drawing Justin Bieber. Amazing!

I drew Justin Bieber! I wish he could see it 😀 anyways, I hope you like it! I will make more videos in the future. You can see the drawing on http://rajacenna.deviantart.com/

You should check out Rajacenna’s art page. She lives in the Netherlands and just turned 17. Can she be anymore talent? No! She is amazing! Her drawings are so good I can’t even put them into words. Just check out her page yourself.

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  • markw94404

    you are so amazing I cannot put it into words.

  • markw94404

    you are so amazing I cannot put it into words.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Crap! how'd you get his hair so fine? like…you can see each strand! how did you do that!?!?!

  • morgan

    bloody hell, you had extreme talent, keep up the good word :)
    Maybe make a tutorial on how to draw JB 😀

  • Mairin

    Though I don’t like Justin Beiber, I must say you are an amazing artist! I draw to, and you have been a huge inspiration for me. I even got into an art show in my home town. You rock, keep drawing!

  • Lola

    OH.MY.DAYS. I thought at first it was a photo that had ben taken but wow… YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!

  • MrsBieber

    wow-you got the lips perfect!

  • Andrea

    that’s so cool…I love it

  • XlownickX

    Omb. I live in the netherlands, but I don’t know this girl. But she’s good at drawing!! <3

  • Mrs. Bieber(;

    WHOA!! It literally looks like someone just took a picture of him! it looks so real! You are amazing!

  • Tan Man

    thats nuts how real that looks .. girl u have talent! <3

  • Claire Bear

    i wish i could draw like that 😀

    • Claire Bear

      this is amazing!!

  • Karla

    Amazing…you have a lot of talent

  • Anonymous

    absolutely AMAZING!

  • anonymous

    you did amazing! great job:)

  • shanoon

    oh gash u are just just just i can say amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocio

    U now how to draw thats amazing good job;)

  • alexis

    justin bieber is soooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leena

    omg justin u are so HOT aand u foce is so lovely can to finland plz

  • so cute and good i love justin bieber very much!!3

  • u are so good and AMAZING!”!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Crap you are amazing

  • Anonymous

    Shit you are the best

  • mckenzie

    i love you your sooooooooooooooooo hot <3 <3

  • paulina

    hi justin i love you

  • Anonymous

    waw justin bieber i love you sow mach i like to say you are sow amaizing
    yes you are sow
    i love you

    • Anonymous

      justin i love you
      i love you
      i like to look you
      i am in albania
      i like to say i love you

      • Anonymous

        i am 16 years old
        and i love you sow mach
        i am besarta

  • justin you are sooooooooooo cool.
    you are soooooooooooooooogood looking.
    i love you very much.

  • summiya


  • emily henry

    wish i could have good drawin skills like tht. thts a really good drawin of justin:) how can ppl draw so well like tht???? im so jealous

  • Jackie

    You are probably one of the most talented artist I have ever seen! Sketching faces are one of the hardest things to do ! You make it look so easy!!! I was wondering, what kind of tools/pencils/smudges did you use for this? SO GREAT 😀

  • alana

    Wow.! Is all i can say that is amazing.!

  • Lacey

    i reallly love Justin Beiber he always he makes me feel amazing when i’m having a bad day he is just so sweet he always puts a smile on my face im so happy to have a person like Justin Drew Beiber in our lives.

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