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Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend

Uh oh. The sounds of a million Justin Bieber fans sobbing can be heard the world over as JB gets himself a girlfriend.

Justin was spotted leaving a Black Eyed Peas concert with his new girlfriend and seemed protective of her as he led her towards a waiting car. The pop star is the hearts desire of most teenagers and we know some of you will be upset that he is no longer on the market.

Don’t worry though, teenage love never lasts long and we bet she won’t be his ‘one love, for sure’ for very long…

How do you feel about the news?




I’m calling this story bull. This girl lady looks like 49. Justin was obviously just trying to be a gentleman. (Please god. Don’t let her be a really old looking 16 year old with tonnes of makeup. Let her be 49!!)


UPDATE: It is Scooter Braun’s girlfriend.

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    where you read this news? Are you sure that she is his girlfriend? she looks a bit old! LOL btw I wanna make you compliments for the site is always updated =D! thanks for posting all these things. xoxo

  • Daisy

    I got the news from entertainmentwise.com. And no I don't think she is his gf.

    And thanks for the compliment. It makes me feel good. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i dont think its his gf either she looks bout 20 … and yea he probs cud pull a 20yr old but i doubt he'd want to…. anyway it cud just be his cuz and he mite hav just been nice to her to look good for the papz x

  • Daisy

    I'm hearing that this is a girl from the new Eenie Meenie video. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  • beatrice

    i dont think she is his girlfriend.. she looks like 30 or something :S

  • Anonymous

    whew. is that really beebs' girlfriend ?? oh men !! she looks like 40 or something. her look does not fit to beeb's adorable baby face. :)) but, peace justin bieber !! just tellin' the truth. ^^,v

    – i love you justin drew bieber.

    your biggest fan.. jeil rose ann orlina. 🙂

  • Annisya

    That's not him gf,,…

    I'm sure.!
    luv JB 4everr!! ^_^

  • luvjb

    That is Carin Morris. She is Scooter’s girlfriend and possibly wife. I think she is in her twenties.