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Justin Bieber Keeping KCA Performance A Surprise

On Saturday, Justin Bieber will be one of two performers at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards — along with Rihanna, he will be hitting the stage for the annual awards show. And while he just missed the deadline to be nominated for any prizes, he does know that when he gets up there to sing, his fans will be surprised by what they get. Bieber is keeping any performance details under wraps.

“I do know what I’m performing, but I don’t want to tell anyone,” he teased. “Were both performing, but not together.”
Once he finishes his Kids’ Choice Awards performance, Bieber is also set to hit another iconic stage when he plays “Saturday Night Live” on April 10, with Tina Fey as host. “I’m really excited. I’ve watched it all my life,” he said. “So it’s amazing to be able to perform.”
And as if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, just this week he released his sophomore album, My World 2.0. On it, he has a collaboration with Ludacris, “Baby,” and Lil Wayne has also said that he wants to work with the teen star. “I would love to work with him in the future, but nothing so far,” he said. Does Bieber really have a swagger coach to thank for being accepted by hip-hop’s elite?
“I mean, I just hang out with whoever. I’m also friends with Selena Gomez. I hang out with everyone,” he said, adding any rumors of a swagger coach have been greatly exaggerated. “I mean, it’s just a joke. It’s just something we made up. … I don’t know; I’m just myself.”