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Ke$ha makes a public apology to Justin Bieber

Ke$ha and Justin Bieber – Getty Images
Ke$ha should take a hint from her own song and stop talking that blah blah blah.
The “TiK ToK” singer is feeling the heat from Justin Bieber fans around the world after snippets of her interview with men’s magazine Maxim revealed she thinks of the 16-year-old heartthrob as a “tiny little baby.”
“He’s such a tiny little baby,” she said when asked about presenting with him at this year’s Grammy Awards. “I would’ve loved to push him around onstage in a carriage.”
The joke didn’t go over so well with Beliebers. The die-hard Bieber fans began trashing her on fansites (OMG JBShrine is famous!!) and started the hilarious “KeshaWho” trending topic on Twitter.
After Ke$ha found out about the dirt being thrown on her name, she took to Twitter to apologize to Bieber. “Dear justin b i am so sorry if my bad joke has hurt your feelings,” she tweeted. “U r obviously so talented and i would never mean to offend u. i think u r rad.”
While the apology is probably enough for Bieber — he has yet to comment — fellow pop star Katy Perrythinks another make up plan is in order. “I want @keshasuxx and @justinbieber to make out! #makeupsex! ” she tweeted. “And maybe @britneyspears can join! I know she likes things in 3!”

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  • Helen (australia)

    Congradulations jbshrine! This is honestly my favorite website. I love it. LOOOOVE IT! I am glad more people are discovering it. Keep it up.

  • yhanie24

    OMG!! i love you Daisy, and you already know that, right? well, i can say is IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! the fansite is everywhere now. i'll keep tweeting this. 😀

  • Caroline Louise

    uma brasileira! *-* passei pra falar que amo muito o justin bieber…e gostaria muito que ele viesse para o brasil 😀

  • Anonymous

    ^huh?, i really like your site.. but yano you dont have to OVER OBSESS with justin there are other people who like him aswell, they can find this out them selvess. 🙂

  • M-nO-R

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {^_^}