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The Justin Bieber Shrine Came Under Attack by Ke$ha Supporters (eBaums)

The 4 hour attack was a response from angry Ke$ha supporters organized through ebaumsworld.com immediately after neonlimelight.com published an article mentioning JBShrine and our disapproval of Ke$ha’s comments towards Justin Bieber (Ke$ha makes a public apology to Justin Bieber). Specifically that she called him a “tiny little baby”.

We understand that Ke$ha probably meant it as a joke but when you’re in the public eye you need to watch what you say never mind putting insults into your lyrics (““In 10 years, Britney Spears…Britney, who?”).

Because of this attack, to protect all Beliebers, we have disabled the purple chat box up top until further notice. If you want to chat please do so in the Music Chat Room where there are moderators who can keep out haters.

Sorry for the inconvenience. And check back with JBShrine on this developing story.

The Justin Bieber Shrine

PS. The Justin Bieber Shrine is also a Britney Spears supporter.

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  • ke$ha sopporters are stupid dumb and their all ass holes JUSTIN BIEBER ROCKS *PISSTED*