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Did Twitter just ban Justin Bieber?

Did Twitter ban Justin Bieber to give preference to other topics or did Justin’s popularity just go down? What do you think? If the Examiner is right on this story, then this is total BS.

Has Justin Bieber disappeared from Twitter’s list of trending topics?

There is a rumor going around all of the popular internet community on Sunday that Biebermania has in fact pushed the social-media site over the edge. Why?

There doesn’t appear to be any concrete reason behind the speculation, though it may be because of the singer frequently showing up on the list for the past several weeks along with his album “My World 2.0.”

Twitter must in some way want other topics to appear on their list — however, if Justin Bieber is popular, shouldn’t he stay at the top? For a website that seems all about open expression, this sort of policing could lead to damaged credibility down the road. Justin Bieber earned his spot on the list by having so many fans, so shouldn’t he stay there for as long as fans tweet about him?

Of course, Justin Bieber fans aren’t going away quietly with this news — #letbiebertrend is already a hot topic on the site, as is “Beliebers” and #letjbtrend.

Do you think Twitter really decided to ban Justin Bieber from their list, and do you think this will have negative ramifications later? Feel free to share your thoughts and I will have updates as soon as it becomes available.


The claim that Justin Bieber has been blocked from the Twitter trending list is false!
Jodi Jill from Examiner.com has claimed that Twitter removed Justin Bieber from the Twitter trending list. Apparently, this news broke somewhere on the web. Justin Bieber’s name may have disappeared for a moment, and this caused the rumors to start flying about Twitter removing him from the trending list, but if you visit Twitter now, you see “Justin Bieber” trending again.

According to Examiner.com, fans are coming together to fight the decision by Twitter to block Justin Bieber from the Twitter trending list, but the way I see it, he’s still there!