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Justin Bieber Fever Overtakes Canada

Justin Bieber Fever Overtakes Canada

Justin Bieber may have come up empty-handed at the 2010 Juno Awards in Canada, but it wasn’t for lack of screaming. International superstars Michael Bublé and Drake were the big winners at the annual celebration of the best in Canadian music, but it was the upstart pop star who provided a running theme throughout the awards show.

The Bieber phenomenon ruled everywhere from the red carpet, where girls scrawled “Marry Me Justin Bieber” on their tank-tops and hollered for hours on end, to rapper Classified’s show-opening performance, which included changing up his song ‘Oh Canada’ to rhyme Justin Bieber with the phrase “we love our beaver.” The Barenaked Ladies joked that Album of the Year winner Michael Bublé could finally “add to his many Junos and Grammys the dubious honor of crushing the hopes and dreams of a child.”

Bublé killed at Sunday night’s non-televised gala, taking the podium to accept the Pop Album of the Year award for ‘Crazy Love’ and cracking, “Seven years ago, I came to this event as a pudgy young kid full of dreams and I come here tonight as a middle-aged balding man whose dream is to have hair like the Beibes.”

“I love that flop thing he does with his hair — just do it for me motherf***er.”

Bieber got his chance to do it Sunday night, as the camera zoomed in on him every time his name was mentioned, which seemed to happen every few minutes. The teen performed his smash ‘Baby’ early in the show — before his fans at home had to go to sleep, Sunday being a school night and all — with his collar popped, his hair expertly mussed, flashbulbs filling the stands and his stage surrounded by screaming tween girls.


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