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Justin Bieber gets really scared in elevators

Justin Bieber gets really scared in elevators


Twist Magazine has all the deets on Justin Bieber’s secrets:
Bilingual Boy
Growing up in Canada, Justin studied french – he even recorded a French version of “One Less Lonely Girl.”
He’s Left Handed
Few people know Justin’s a lefty, though he can use his right to play guitar. “When I started playing, I used a right-handed one ‘cause that’s what my mom had,’” he tells TWIST.
Hairstyle Trick
Justin’s got a magic tough with his shaggy locks! “After I get out of the shower, I blow dry my hair and just shake it and it goes like that!” he dishes to TWIST.
Favorite Foods
What’s Justin’s secret favorite dish? “Spaghetti Bolognese,” he says. Plus, he’s a sucker for fast food. “In-N-Out Burger, here we come!” he tweeted during a trip to LA.
Biggest Fear
While he looks super-confident, Justin’s not fearless. “I’m a really claustrophobic person,” Justin reveals to TWIST. “I hate elevators, especially crammed elevators. I get really scared!”

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  • Remy

    hi justin i am your biggest fan i am waiting u i always think of uu u are my hero i always beleve that u wiil come some day and see me because i want to find out what is possible if i never give up my dreams
    F Y information i am a girl 13 years old and 5 month