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Justin Bieber’s Youtube Rise to Fame

  • Justin Bieber
  • Image Credit: AP
Justin Bieber might be the latest young artist to have taken the music scene by storm, but the pint-sized pop-star’s rise to fame isn’t the most conventional. The 16-year-old Canadian first caught the radar as a YouTube star, when his mother uploaded shaky home-recordings of his performances at local events.
The amateur footage caught the attention of Atlanta manager Scooter Braun who then introduced Bieber to RnB superstar Usher. The rest is history. Now the star’s baby-faced looks and high-pitched voice have garnered a massive following and his debut album ‘My World’ hit platinum soon after its release in November 2009.
Here are his most notable YouTube appearances:

Justin singing So Sick by Ne-Yo (pre fame)
One of the first performances his mother uploaded to YouTube which introduced him the world (and much fame).

Justin flirting with Esmée Denters 

With his puppy-dog-eyes and adorable smile, the star serenades another YouTube discovery Esmee Denters, still early on in his journey to stardom.

Justin in the studio with Usher!! 
In this short behind-the-scenes video, we see Bieber chilling and joking around with his new mentor and ‘homie’ Usher

One Time official video

The official video of one of his biggest hits ‘One Time’ in which Bieber drives fans wild and hangs out with buddy Usher.

We Are The World 25 For Haiti – Official Video 

Bieber joined hundreds of other artists to produce a charity version of classic hit ‘We are the World’ to raise funds for Haiti.

 Justin Bieber’s surprise appearance on Ellen Now an outright star, Bieber show off some well-known dance moves on talk show host Ellen Degeneres’ show.

Justin Bieber singing for President Obama The tiny star also entertained US President Barack Obama and guests at a special Christmas event. “It was an incredible honour and I was really nervous,” Bieber said on his YouTube channel.


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  • Maria

    Hi Justin I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in a concet one day I am so proud of you that are what you are today love you lots xxxx