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New Zealand already has a fever

The Biebz will arrive in New Zealand tomorrow, staying for just a day, to perform at Academic Colleges Group’s Strathallan School, in Papakura.

But given the young singer’s huge popularity – particularly among teenage girls – and yesterday’s incident, Auckland Airport has increased its security.

And his record label, Universal Music New Zealand, is keeping his arrival time secret.

An airport spokesman said: “We are meeting with police and other airport security tomorrow morning to discuss the issue.”

Meanwhile, another Auckland high school has had to go for damage control, after rumours spread that Bieber had been expected to perform there but that the principal had refused to allow the show.

Several students at Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom became upset when texts circulated that the college had won a radio competition to have the singer perform at their school, but that senior management had decided otherwise.

Principal Heather McRae said the rumours were in no way true.