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Taylor Swift cuts her hair to look like Justin Bieber

TAYLOR SWIFT HAS HAD HER HAIR CUT SHORT AND SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! ……….. JOKE ;P LMAO – Happy April fools day Guys!! LOL What do you think?? I think Taylor is so pretty could even pull this look off! Comments??
Happy April Fools everyone!
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20 comments… add one
  • ana maria

    oooounwt *–*
    eu amo elees taylooor e justiiin sz’

    • Anonymous

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  • Terri

    She’s just gorgeous! She could pull it off. Have you ever seen pics of her with her hair straight? She looks just like a Barbie doll. This was a funny post.

  • Rachel

    Hahahaha if she would change her eyes in brown she would be like Justin Bieber hahaha :p

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    jb is super cute

  • fritzie anne sachez

    jb is super cute

    • Anonymous

      no jb is not super

  • jordyn mahone

    Well she is a terible singer i hate her and yes i hate her she sucks monkey jk i lover

  • selena gomez is da best

    she is so pretty even with jb hair!!

  • Chloe

    Wow..thats some good photoshop. Lol i saw this and almost had a heart attack. Those were her trademark curls. It looks so real I actually though it was!

  • I was so relieved that it’s not true. I gonna kill myself if it is. Anyway, good photo but I like Taylor Swift just the way she is :)

  • Destiny(:

    It doesn’t look bad

  • brynah

    how do know

  • nb


  • u look UGLY

  • Anonymous

    i dont know who justin bieber is

  • jayme

    justin it does not look like you you are well beter looking than her thank you love you justin can you reply back pls pls pls

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