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Beliebers Outsmart Twitter after Trending change

Tween heart-throb Justin Bieber is the center of attention on Twitter again, after a very brief exile.

Last night, Mashable reported that Twitter had updated its “trending topics” calculations to highlight topics that were actually trending, rather than just consistently popular. The most visible, and widely discussed, impact of this change was that Justin Bieber — a permanent fixture in the trending topics — disappeared.

Bieber fans are not dealt with that easily. They saw their idol was gone, assumed his name had been singled out for removal, and adapted. Right now, ‘#pattiesson’ is near the top of Twitter’s trending topics. ‘Pattie’ is the name of Justin Bieber’s mother.

Of course, the new algorithm will presumably drop ‘pattiesson’ once it becomes a Twitter mainstay. But Bieber fans will just switch it up.

This is one battle we recommend Twitter concede before it gets started. These people simply can’t be stopped.