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Does Justin Bieber have the hots for Kendall Jenner?

Does Justin Bieber have the hots for Kendall Jenner?

Justin Bieber fans can sit easy for the time being. According to news, Kim Kardashian is in no mood to make the adolescent sensation fall for her. There would have always been questions about her chances of success, if she wanted to go for it. But she isn’t checking out right now.

But she isn’t going to let the boy off the hook so easily, either.

According to a report by OK! Magazine, Kim is trying earnestly to hitch Bieber with her little sister Kendall Jenner.

Jenner is just the age for Bieber as she is only 14. So the militant Bieber fans should ideally have nothing against this puppy love, if it matures into so.

Gather reveals that Kim first met the Canadian singing sensation at the President’s Correspondents Dinner and perhaps saw it at once that he may be the perfect match for sis Kendall.

That still remains some arrangements to be done. So she reportedly set a pizza date for the two. She, however, didn’t leave the prospective love birds on their own from the start, but rather thought it would be prudent she accompanying sis to dinner.

After dinner, however, Bieber ended up at Kim’s house and played some twister with little Kendall and …um, we don’t have any report just where Kim decided to station herself then.

But we do have news that the two teenagers are “texting like crazy” since Justin went out on his overseas tour. Some friend to Kardashian clan told OK! Magazine, “There’s definitely some puppy love going on.”


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  • jess

    I think that kendall and justin will be a great couple

  • Linda

    Well i know this is late but now Kendall and Justin would be PERFECT because though him and Sel. are together, Sel’s WAY to old for him but kendall’s perfect!

    • Jeremy Bieber

      It’s hilarious how you wrote that four years ago….and how is Selena too old for Justin? She’s only like two years older than him. You are pretty dumb.

      Who can blame him for getting with Selena, so he could lick her sweaty butthole, and then now he can lick Kendall’s butthole after she poops

  • they look good, but he said it didnt work out on twitter and hes trying to hitch her with one of his friends.

  • Woah its sound funny

  • Anonymous

    i hope he goes out with kendel they are sooo cute together

  • cecilia

    if u think justin is leaving selena 4 a girl like kendall think again kendall is younger i get it but justin and selena have chemistry >jelena 4ever!!!!!!!