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Justin Bieber Gives Back

Not only is Justin Bieber one of (if not THE) hottest guys out there right now, but it turns out he’s one of the nicest too! He seriously LOVES his fans. Whenever we hang out with Justin, he always tells us how appreciative he is of you guys and how he wouldn’t be anywhere without your support! But we don’t even need to tell you that–Justin ALWAYS shows his love for his fans via his Twitter and his YouTube!

For example, he recently gave 10 lucky fans something special on his Twitter! A few days ago, Justin decided to give 10 of his luckiest fans a free copy of his CD, My World 2.0 Bonus Track Edition on iTunes! It’s always great to see a celebrity give back to the fans that love them so much and Justin is definitely sending the love to his fans whenever he can! Were any of you one of the lucky 10? What would you have done if you were one of them?