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We Love And Support You Justin

During a week of scandal, gossip, and haters this fan video could not come at a better time.

Justin, just want you to know that we stand behind you through thick and thin no matter what they throw at us. <3

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  • Anonymous

    woww!!this is an amazing work!so good that is cry!:( im a beliber and i support justin bieber!:)

  • Anonymous

    The best fan video ever!!! I am going to cry!!!
    I support justin through everything and I AM A BIELEBER!!!!!!

  • beatrice

    this is an amazing video! it almost made me cry, wich is very rare cuz i never cry xD

    team bieber always <3

  • Anonymous

    nicely done video! the world needs more positivity like this!

  • Dempsey

    I was watching this just crying really hard after coming home in my car. I had gotten cussed at by some total stranger in the car next to me because I was listening to Baby………..the world hates Justin, the world loves Justin, but what the world needs to realize is that he is a kid….he does have feelings! He is probably one of the most bullied people ever! GOD BLESS JUSTIN!

  • grazelle

    ahhh..that's totally touching..it melt my hearts..ahhh..u know wat justin,don't think those gossip,haters.just think u nver do things bad. just keep on going,we're always here behind u.supporting u,loving u till the end. 🙂

  • zarah

    …oh god!…im freakin crying!…
    ..i actually attack haters a lot..
    ..i even my friends..hahah…im a true blue belieber and 4ever will be!!!….im working on infecting the whole philippines with bieber fever…i love jbshrine!!!

  • sydney

    i love and agree with this video 100%

    love you JB<3

  • Anonymous

    best singer in the universe

  • chrissyexox

    this video is soo good…..screw all those bieber haters. If you don't like him don't let his name come out of your mouth. JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!! I am a belieber and I love and support Justin Bieber! GOD BLESS JUSTIN BIEBER!! <3 I LOVE U JUSTIN!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the song in the beggining and I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER !! HATERS NEED TO SHUTUP N LEAVE HIM ALONE ! <3