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Why JBShrine is your trusted source for Justin Bieber news

If you’re been coming to The Justin Bieber Shrine for a while you will notice by now that there are some “news” that we choose not to report on this site. These news are what we call FLUFF. Fluff is news that we recognize are fake and made up by people who simply want to report on fake stories in order to get attention for their site or magazine.

A perfect example is the ‘JUSTIN BIEBER WANTS TO HAVE TAYLOR LAUTNER’S BODY’ news that is going around. This story originated from the National Enquirer, a tabloid/gossip magazine that is known for making up fake news. They made the stupid claim that JB wants Taylor’s body so bad that he has hired Taylor’s personal trainer to train him through Skype and iChat which really makes no sense since Justin has the money to afford any trainer to come to his house to train him.

Below is a post from Gossip Cop who, like JBShrine, instantly recognized that this story is fake..

Hollyscoop has worn out the letters W, R, O, N and G on our keyboards with its poor reporting.

Today, the site posted a piece that began, “Justin Bieber has everything he could ever imagine as a 16-year old… except muscles!” And to rectify that, claims the bad blog, he’s hired Jordan Yuam, the same personal trainer “Twilight” hunk Taylor Lautner used.

Quoting the equally unreliable National Enquirer, Hollyscoop writes, “Justin’s positive he has the intensity and focus to get the same results as Taylor… He wants ripped abs, bulging biceps and cut thighs.”

The site concludes, “We laugh now, but seeing what Jordan [Yuam] did for Taylor Lautner, we may be looking at Justin Bieber in a whole new light soon!”

Speaking of laughing…

Gossip Cop can’t stop laughing at Hollyscoop, which ran this completely fabricated report, a full FIVE DAYS after we already debunked it.

As Gossip Cop noted back then, a rep for Bieber said, there’s “no accuracy to this story.”

Too bad Hollyscoop couldn’t lift one single muscle to correctly report this piece.

JBShrine can’t stop laughing at Hollyscoop (or JB-Sour for that matter).. Hollyscoop is now on our blacklist.

At JBShrine, our goal is not to be the biggest or ‘complete source’. We just want to be the trusted source for Justin Bieber news.