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Bieber Fever Is Uncontrollable!

Music industry’s hottest young sensation Justin Bieber took over “Today” show on Friday morning, June 4, drawing uncontrollable fans mostly young girls from all over the country. Looks like this teen star has spread fever like an epidemic that a policeman admitted that even NYPD has got the Bieber Fever by now.

Outside the NBC Studio’s Rockefeller Plaza where Bieber staged a mini-concert performing five of his hottest songs, including “Baby” and “One Time”, Bieber fans stormed in feverishly with deafening yells. That was the biggest crowd the venue has ever had that it reminded NBC hosts of Paul McCartney.

Almost all of the segments of the show was overpowered by the noise created by the Bieber Fever outbreak outside the studio. Al Roker’s forecast was barely audible causing his sign-off to sound like a screech and Jonah Hill’s promotion of his movie “Get Him To The Greek” became a hiss. He joked instead, that he too, is having Bieber fever all over his body right now.

Bieber’s performance was a smash of hyper moves unmindful of the hot weather. The young singer was more than excited of his popularity as an artist boosting his energy to high levels throughout the concert giving his fans more than a dose of their expectations in his Michael Jackson inspired Usher dance steps.

Justin Bieber will have an upcoming tour after this concert and is also excited about what limelight has to offer for him in the long run.