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Is Caitlin Beadles messing around with Justin again?

Or is she just trying to make it look like that to make everyone jealous?

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  • hayfa rhimi

    hello justin i am from ur biggest fans i love u so much and mybe ur going to here about me somday just if i get help to be a pop star because here in tunisia kasserine u well never get ur dream be reall so peace up and i wish u come to tunisia

  • hayfa rhimi

    and pleaze come to tunisia cuz we love u so much boy

  • Stranger

    Caitlin never messed with justin and isnt trying to make him jealous the believers who hate Caitlin need to get real. Caitlin is an amazing person who doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting just for dating him before he was famous and she never did anything to you so back off.