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JB prepares for the MMVAs and My World tour

Justin Beiber is preparing for a very busy week ahead. The 16-year-old pop star is used to juggling a hectic schedule, but things have been unusually crazy for the “Baby” singer.

After a week of rehearsing in the Bahamas, Justin is preparing for his performance on the Much Music Video Music Awards (MMVAs). But Justin will hopefully be doing more than just working on Sunday night. The talented musician is nominated for three awards.

Justin will have home field advantage this weekend as he competes against a number of talented artists at the Canadian awards show. Justin is nominated twice in the category for International Video of the Year by a Canadian. Justin has a strong chance to win the award as the odds are in his favor. But, don’t rule out his fierce competition. The “Baby” singer will have to defeat Avril Lavigne and Drake to win the award. Drake is also nominated twice in this category.

Justin is also nominated for the UR Fave Video Award and the UR Fave New Artist Award. If he does win tomorrow night, Justin will be on hand to accept his award. The “Somebody To Love” singer is preparing to leave for Canada later today. He expressed his excitement on Twitter this morning. Justin tweeted:

“CANADA here we come!!! MMVA’s this weekend….let’s celebrate!”

Justin won’t be home for long. The teen pop star kicks off his My World tour on June 23.


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  • Anonymous

    Bieber is spelt wrong :O x

  • JBShrine

    It's the Examiner's fault! 😛