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Justin Bieber Googles Himself All The Time

Sean Kingston says Justin Bieber googles himself!

Sean Kingston opened up to MySpace in a revealing interview where he disclosed some of pop phenomenon Justin Bieber’s personal secrets. When asked if he ever Googles himself Sean replied “No, but Justin does that though, he loves to Youtube himself and Google himself, I’m not like that”. He also let out exclusively to his MySpace fans that the guys have been working on a further 4 songs saying “To be honest with you, we did like 5 songs together, I have 4 other songs with Justin Bieber that’s not Eenie Meenie” so keep your eyes peeled for future collaborations!


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  • markw94404

    I worry about Justin a bit, I have seen some changes in his attitude that point to him losing the humbleness, that I think is one of his greatest attributes. I hope I am wrong.

  • Anonymous

    No Lie. I actuallt “LOVE” Justin Bieber!♥♥♥