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Justin Bieber. I Am.

This is a fan video I just found on Youtube that I wasn’t even aware was made. It is in reaction to the article “Last.fm gets hacked by Justin Bieber haters“. Love you Demi for your unconditional support for Justin.

demisonny  June 18, 2010 — OMFG. this is just…..i am literally crying right now! If you guys haven’t seen what happend….some horrible idiots hacked into last.fm and put this horrific picture that was PHOTOSHOPPED onto justins page, i don’t even wanna explain what the picture was about it, its just really disturbing. I can’t believe someone would actually do that, its just the stupidest thing. Who can hate so much on an innocent 16 year old? He did NOTHING to those haters. they seriously need to get arrested and thrown into jail FOR LIFE! what they did is unacceptable and truly distgusting and just plain stupid. I knew he had haters but i never thought this would happen. I’m really really upset, words can’t express my feelings, I’m about to get a gun and shoot all the haters! I’m serious! This is just something that really makes you think about how much the haters really want attention, they are low lifes, jerks, whores, bitches, jerks, just plain idiots. i hate them. and yes, i am using strong words but this should show them how much we love justin bieber. i don’t want Jusitn to find out, I don’t even wanna know how he will feel, If I were him I’d be seriously hurt, scared for life! i would throw those people to jail. I hope the F.B.I. catches those stupid people and arrests them. Cause all the beliebers will do something! We will fight for justin! fight for justice! No one deserves to be hated, so please please comment and tell me what you feel! I want to know peoples opinions. But no haters! Your not welcome! To me, your dead. 🙂 haha. Well i’ve said what i felt, and if you guys want to know whats going on, heres a link to the article:

-be prepared, this is just HORRIBLE.

please comment and share this video in support of justin.

love always,

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  • Anonymous

    that's so swweet. it makes me wanna cry.